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  1. is now taking donations for the R50 build. Your support is appreciated. :D

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    2. adamzan


      You already be gettin' parts from me. I ain't got no money!

    3. tekazgtr1984
    4. Tungsten


      successful troll is successful

  2. Hey winter! Get lost! You suck.

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    2. aranay


      you're all wimps! snow wheeling rocks!

    3. tekazgtr1984


      Coming from the guy living in Vancouver... Come live in Winnipeg for a year and then talk to me. :P

    4. aranay


      HA! I currently live in vancouver.. but I used to live in Northern Ontario, before that was Northern Alberta, and before that I grew up in Nova Scotia... I'm well aquainted with the snow and cold

  3. has brained his damage...

    1. DavefromOZ


      I leave mine at home in a jar, less likely to broked it.

    2. Pezzy


      cannot brain, haz teh dumb.

    3. tekazgtr1984
  4. is gonna try to sell the TJM. *sad face*

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    2. Pezzy


      Ty, I am very unhappy with this. (I have no idea why, but I am! LOL)

    3. nige


      it doesn't fit the qx4?

    4. Pezzy


      He's being, what I like to call, a stupidhead. :P


  5. I don't take $$$$?

    The new Q is nice. Gotta smooth out all the kinks, though. *sigh*

  6. Doctor says I need a backiatomy...

  7. Nice Bob Saget av!! LMAO

    I nearly pissed myself!

  8. Hope everything is okay... Hoping you can make me some armor :D

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