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  1. RowdoggNZ

    Looking for some Kiwi help

    First kiwi reporting in. Unfortunately i don't have much information on Auckland / South Island. I can give plenty of information on tourist attractions and places of interest around the central north island. Lots of geothermal activity and also lots of maori culture and stuff. Lemme know what you wanna know
  2. RowdoggNZ

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  3. RowdoggNZ

    clutch noise

    I have a Terrano r3m turbo with a TD27T motor, and i have this aswell. Doesn't seem to affect anything.
  4. RowdoggNZ

    Vic Fire disaster

    Just sending my condolences to all aussies on the board from across the ditch in kiwi land. Hope you and all your families are safe and out of harms way.
  5. RowdoggNZ

    Aftermarket Amp mounting

    Great logic tex
  6. RowdoggNZ

    Aftermarket Amp mounting

    My main issue with putting it on the back of the rear seats is security, its a tempting thing to have on your back seat. I do have an alarm installed but i still think its unnecessary temptation. Cheers for the feedback.
  7. RowdoggNZ

    Aftermarket Amp mounting

    Just doing a walk around of my 4door wd21, where have others mounted aftermarket amps? I was thinking maybe underneath one of the front seats or maybe on the back of the rear seats. Ideas? PS: I searched, honest i took a screenshot Cheers Dogg
  8. RowdoggNZ

    Diesel factory service manual For sale

    I'm interested in service manuals plzkthx msg me please pdf holder
  9. RowdoggNZ


    They sound like pricks..... holy crap and i thought my neighbours were bad.
  10. RowdoggNZ


    Nice Nissan 4wd is nissan 4wd, be it patrol, pathfinder, xterra, or frontier Welcome dude.
  11. RowdoggNZ

    Turbo idea?

    I've got a turbocharged pathfinder, Its not that great
  12. RowdoggNZ

    R.I.P Molly

    Yeah, its definately sorta lightening the mood but they're all still pretty shattered I'm getting there, the new pup is pretty cute, they called it jess. Loosing family pets sucks.
  13. RowdoggNZ

    R.I.P Molly

    thx for the support guys, appreciate it in my families time of need. Parents went and got a new puppy today, a bit early in my opinion but its cute none the less
  14. RowdoggNZ

    Manual transmission issue...is it related to TSB

    sounds like main or countershaft bearings are going, park it up and get it done.. Sounds TSB related, my box hasn't got to the popping out yet.
  15. RowdoggNZ

    Another Forum Game

    ^ Confused me < Dog died today RIP \/ should try and cheer me up

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