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  1. Glad to hear your thoughts! My EFS struts landed today. Thanks for bringing them to my attention Grim
  2. I'm just about to get some front struts, could you link me to the EFS ones that you're looking at?
  3. Also I should add, I've used king's raised springs in mine, and only really gained a 30mm lift. I think I'm going to order 1"inch spacers to increase the lift further. I'm hoping the CVs will sit ok with this!
  4. I've recelty been asking similar questions, I believe old man emu have the only slightly longer struts, from what I understand most people seem to stay with the OEM length with kyb excel g struts. You might find some answers here -
  5. Look's like we are sharing an inverse problem! I find lot's of wheel carriers, bullbars and other metal work out in the US that are un-obtainable! If it's just small packages that you are struggling with, feel free to reach out, I will help if I can! Websites like https://www.sparesbox.com.au/ offer 1-2days delivery to me (although maybe slightly more delayed as of current events) I have no clue what delivery costs to you might be, but if you want to cover the costs I'm happy to forward them on.
  6. Question about the lift in the front. Do any of the front strut options, like for example the KYB excel - g extend further than the OEM struts? is there more travel? Or is it just the spring that keeps it closer to the full extension therefore giving more lift? I suppose the question is, If I were to put a raised coil into the OEM strut, is this just the same result? albeit unadvised I went ahead and stuck in some to cheap to turn down raised Kings springs in the rear.. and achieved a less than impressive 3cm lift.. The ride is really improved though so I think I might just stick a 1" spacer in there too!
  7. Hey guys, I'm also looking at the 2" lift so thanks for the question and these answers, it's helped me out massively! I was wondering if you could help me out a little further, I'd like to know what other parts (eg. Camber bolts, anything that will be worn) I might end up needing if I start fitting these springs myself. Also it would be good to know what specialist tools might be needed, apart from the obvious, spring compressors? Living in Australia it's expensive for me to order from 4x4parts, do you guys have any insights on kits like this? https://www.superspares.com.au/2-inch-50mm-webco-lovells-suspension-lift-kit-for~10251572 Thanks, stay safe!
  8. Ok Yeh great, I think you may be right, If I'm correct I think the water pump is directly above this. Yep it's the VG33E Thanks guys
  9. Recently had the radiator replaced, today I noticed a coolant leak. I have one disorienting picture attached, can anyone diagnose where this might be coming from? This is taken from the underside, as you can see all the drive belts, this is dead central. Looks to be coming from above the metal piping. I can't see any leaks from above. This is a 2003 pathy Any help would be appreciated!

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