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  1. About a year ago I had this same problem and eventually figured out part numbers, sizes, and was able to replace all the joints without problem. Unfortunately a year later all I have left in my notes are "rear flange hole distance 2 11/16" "front flange 2 1/4" "rear joint 3 1/4" "F 1 1/8" If I recall 2 of those were Nissan sizes, 1 was Jeep, and 1 was Ford. Sorry I know that probably useless. But maybe it can help. Good luck.
  2. If I had to do another SAS (Im planning on another once I graduate), I'd lower it some (around 4-6" total lift), change the angle and mounting location for the upper mount of the coilover/airshocks, put the axle side coilover/airshock mounts an inch wider on each side, ditch the doubler, make a different trans crossmember with a slot for the front driveshaft, triangulated 4 link instead of parallel, ditch the cradle. In an ideal world, I would sas a 3.5 next time. A bigger motor couldn't hurt either.. Overall I think it was fine considering it sat around 26" of lift. Less lift would solve so many of the headaches. I never experienced any death wobble or shaking luckily.
  3. Heres the most recent picture of it. On 46s
  4. Veterinary School has taken top priority atm. Until I graduate I won't be doing car related things.
  5. Not sure if this helps your situation, but the rear r50 studs will fit in the front. They sit very snug. I did this swap myself a few years ago for the extra length. I got the studs for under 2$ each at the time.
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