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  1. Resent message about parts.....with shipping address. Still have the headlights and other lights???

  2. Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious.
  3. Yes, manual trans. Need to keep it drivable for time being. Also have a ton of parts and a 1991 auto (parts car). Am going to start making a list and take pictures this weekend, will start the parts thread next week, stay tuned. Goal is to fully divest by Thanksgiving....
  4. It's that time, unfortunately. I'm sure I'm not the only one around here that is a bit sentimental for their vehicles, and I kind of feel bad for it. I sort of wish I could give it to someone to use as a farm or hunting camp vehicle... like that would be better, I'd feel less guilty... crazy, right? It's only a little less worse than losing a pet. I want to send the truck to spend its last days on the farm, like a retired racehorse or something.... I had a lot of fun with this truck, many days and nights on the beach, lots of fish and friends and good times. Towed a few less capable off the beaches of Long Island. Lots of ski trips too; we had a "snowicane" and they closed the roads to ALL vehicles and me and a buddy took off into the blizzard and skied feet of fresh snow when everyone else stayed home... more than a few rescues from snow stuck vehicles over the years. Lots of hauling wood and moving rocks around my (very small) property. Truck is so rusted now, underneath, inside, everywhere... registration is due, inspection overdue... needs everything, and my life and needs are changing, space and time limited, family growing. But still, when my DD (same age!) wiper linkage broke and I took the truck to work for a couple days, started up no problem, gave no complaints and took me to job and back. Truck has given everything and asked for nothing. I have generally abused it these past couple years, and it asks for more. So I'm a bit bummed to see it go, but it's time to let go and move on. What to do with it? I wouldn't even really want to sell it "as is" on Craigslist, I'd feel liable. I mean it brakes worse than a Model A at this point, someone would crash trying to get home. So I guess it's part it and scrap it. Not much in the way of usable parts to sell, but lights and so on are intact. Scrap yard might give me 250.... When is NPORA moving to new servers? I'm gonna start taking some pictures and stuff this weekend and start a part out thread. Don't want to start that whole process then lose half of it in a switch over. Edit: I should add I'm about 30 mi north of NYC if anyone reading this starts thinking about a parts truck. But I'll make a proper FS thread when it comes to it.
  5. Thanks, had to take a picture. PO went from the stock smaller tires to legos at some point, so it's probably a bit higher. I live in the big city, commute by train, so the past five years have been mainly weekend driving. But I've still managed to put 10K / year on somehow.
  6. Woo hoo, lots of work to do. [/img]
  7. Lost my rear wing (wind deflector) during some spirited highway driving on a very gusty day. Screws pulled right out of the brackets / pillars attached to the hinges. Pillars showed some cracks along / around where the screw holes were, no idea if those cracks were a cause or result of the failure of course, but they were faded and maybe sort of brittle looking. Not something I ever paid much attention to... so I figured I'd let people know that after 25 years of rain, sun, salty air, (and loading canoes), etc., they should be investigated. I'm just happy no one in a convertible was following too close, coulda been brutal.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I meant to come back with some ride height measurements but the weather and laziness kept me from getting under the truck. Regardless it's definitely time for replacement shocks and coils, rear end sags, especially when loaded. I'm hoping to put an order in today to take advantage of Rancho's debit card special (50 bucks, which may go towards the purchase of an SS). I'm leaning towards the AC coils. They're 30 bucks more than the moogs. I think I'd like a little bit of lift when I'm done (although I'm keeping the 31s), mainly to clear the ruts in the beaches entrances around here. Plus it'd look cooler. Other than the extra 30 bucks, anything I'm losing here? I don't imagine the extra 1.5" will affect ride / rollover quality too much. Grim Greg, which shocks are you using in the rear? I'm thinking the 5116 will give a little extra travel and fit with no problems. Sound right? Interestingly, the Rancho site is listing these as for stock - http://www.gorancho.com/shock_lookup.php?year=1987&make=NISSAN&model=Pathfinder+&drive=4WD&height=Stock+-+2.50-in.&submodel=w%2F+Rancho+System&x=45&y=8 Thanks again y'all.
  9. http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/06/diy-weapons-of-the-libyan-rebels/100086/
  10. I've heard one of the biggest theft deterrents (in the city, anyways) is a manual trans.
  11. I find that the removal of one ten amp fuse really lets me sleep easy when I leave the truck somewhere sketchy. Could still lose everything in it, but not the truck. Glad to hear you got it back!
  12. I've done quite a bit of searching and reading all the suspension lift threads, but have a couple questions and appreciate any help. I'm driving a two door (87) without a spare carrier and with a donut (but planning on carrying a full size spare when I find one). Plus tools, gear, dirty laundry, etc. whenever I leave the neighborhood. Is anyone here using the shorter AC coils (https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-rear-coils-15-inches-of-lift-p-497.html)? In all my searching I couldn't find anyone using these as opposed to the 3". My truck is sitting low, and these aren't much more expensive than stock replacements, so I'm wondering: - How much lift did you get? How's the ride? How does it look? - Which shocks are you using? From the big shock size thread I've got: Stock: Rancho RS5118 Ext - 22.250" Coll - 14.00" Lift: RS5116 24.000" / 14.875" RS5112 26.250 / 16.00" So I guess it's either 5118 or 5116- any opinions? - After the corresponding torsion bar lift in the front, will the smaller lift still screw up my front end geometry to where I'd need aftermarket UCAs? I read somewhere on here that the stock setup was good enough up till about 2" of lift. Basically I want to return to stock height or gain a little bit but keep my 31s and keep it simple and inexpensive (and more importantly, easy enough to do on an NYC street in an afternoon without running around to junkyards looking for the perfect Jeep springs). I do 90% of my driving on the highway, although I occasionally go off-road camping/fishing/driving through big ruts on a sandy beach with four fat fisherman in the truck/etc. No rock crawling though. Thanks.
  13. I'll put this in the free stuff section. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/580/pathfinderdoorchime.jpg
  14. I pulled mine not too long ago, should work fine if you want it. Clip, brackets, etc., still intact. It's under the carpet by your left foot.

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