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  1. As title says i am looking for a '87 Pathfinder centre console for automatic in good shape, brauwn/gray color If you have one laying around ples let me know via email. My address is : nendelsp@xs4all.nl
  2. As title says i am looking for a VG30 oil pan in good shape. If you have one laying around ples let me know via email. My address is : nendelsp@xs4all.nl
  3. Thanks for the nice words guys. Found it by coincidence on Craigslist about 5 months ago. Shipped the car to the Netherlands. I am so happy with this beauty, it is new inside and out. I had the same Pathfinder 30 years ago with a VG30DETT (300ZX TT engine) and over 400hp, most fun car i have ever had
  4. This is my '87 , it has only 22k miles on it. Picture doesn't do the car justice..
  5. Hi, welcome to the group. The newer type bumpers will fit you '87 pathfinder. If you decide to replace them i might be interested in your old '87 bumper...
  6. Looking for a set of 4 bronze side windows for a 2 door WD21 Please contact via email : nendelsp@xs4all.nl

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