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  1. What happened to POHO? I don't know any of you guys since switching to the dark side :FartExplode-vi:
  2. Hey max, You are totally wrong, a snorkel cannot save you in every situation. See below.
  3. Glad to see that this is still going
  4. I'm glad to see this happening for a second year. I actually left a legacy at NPORA!
  5. It's more of a slide then a pop, but yes. Don't forget to wiggle it a little on the way out.
  6. If I were you I would mount it under the hood, but an interior install would be pretty easy as well, as stated above. Don't those things get real hot?
  7. is this the month of wrecked pathys or what?
  8. h8qj90w6a well i am a bit inebriated.
  9. Those rims are nice and all, but there are much cheaper options. They cost AT LEAST 250 a piece new. And I would definitely do the seafoam. I did my first one at 120k and it's never ran better.
  10. Check out rockauto.com. If it is the part I think you are talking about, they have it for $77 in black.

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