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  1. Day95

    Turning Radius

    Just toss some new rims on her, thats what i did when i upgraded my tires, and extra inch of backspacing did wonders...
  2. Day95

    Ban the person above you...

    Ban MY1PATH for cheating on his pathy
  3. Day95

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  4. Day95

    Full Foam Jacket...

    Awesome... and the pathy saves the day....
  5. Day95

    I'm An Idiot :(

    Like dont cut wire bundles...
  6. Day95

    Simple Solution To "trunk Hits Head"

    Ohh Ohh I know.... But you cant make it drink the beer so u have an empty bottle to hold open the hatch....
  7. Day95

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Hope I did this right... My first pic post... but heres my tree, im not puttin one up cause im currently movin out of my appt... Merry Christmas ya'll
  8. Day95

    Dashboard Squeeks

    i like it, when u do figure out how to make it work, post some pics im sure they will be appreciated by others like my self who may run in to that problem in the future...
  9. Day95

    Definition Of A True Friend

    Very nice....
  10. Day95

    Act Smart!

    snow is cold
  11. Day95

    ... And Let The Snowball Roll

    Sorry about the coldness... as for the cv boot, be ready for the other one to go too.... iv had to replace both of my origional ones since and a few ball joints... happy wheeling

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