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  1. That's bad ass, I love it. Got any pics of the A arms and how you built it?
  2. well, looks like im selling my pathy with sas kit and d44

    1. calibeater


      I have a ad under for sale vehicles if anyone wants to check it out.

  3. Lol this is crazy, I literally just bought a waggy front, stock waggy springs, and the guy threw in all the calmini sas kit so I'm getting ready to do the same thing. Just starting to do more research on it now though lol, I wasn't planning on doing a sas now but a deal popped up and I couldn't turn it down.
  4. just bought a waggy 44 and most the parts to SAS!

  5. Congrats Steve!! Maybe with all this pres people will stop refering to my WD as a jeep or 4runner lol. But yea its awesome for you to get all this attention for your hard work.
  6. So is it being moved or starting a new one?
  7. Just bought a all aluminum radiator and electric fan!

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    2. Nefarious


      I ran a 3" thick aluminum rad in my 240sx at one point and it made the cooling system so efficient i literally did not need a cooling fan. even at idle in 100F+ summers in stop and go the needle never even moved.haha


    3. calibeater


      Thats awesome! I am hoping this set up works great. I mean its a all aluminum 2 core and I have a 14" electric fan now so I think it should work great.

    4. theexbrit


      Pics! & what radiator did you get?


  8. Mine is a 87 with a 5 speed. and yea i was thinking about glove box area or something like that. Ill figure that all out when I have the wiring harness and can have a better idea about it. And Ill search and see if i can find that guy on here that did the swap.
  9. I SAW THAT!!! Oh my lol, that thing is sweet. And yea I do have some smog laws here but I just passed so I have 2 years to not think about it lol. And if in 2 years its still being street driven, I can normally find a smog guy (through buddies with street cars lol) so Ill just do this and see how it goes. Well the engine Im getting from my buddy is a 9:1 vg30e and he bought the stuff to turbo it from a vg30et. but my engine is still great so I could use it and thought that might be a option. so onto my next questions, so you were saying that I should use a intake manifold off a 90+ pathy cause they build more power? and this guy that put a turbo set up on one with a flipped manifold, do you you if he has a build thread? and im thinkin about maybe putting the ecu somewhere else, like higher up off the floor so it doesnt get wet so that could work anyways. Thanks for the help so far guys! this is great info
  10. Lol well I mean I figure the engines are so similar it's gotta be a decent swap, and I'm going to get the engine harness from my buddies 300zx so I'll have a wiring harness. And then just get a ecu from a Vg30et car and run it. I'm just curious if someone here knows a little more about it so I know what I'm going to get into. I mean I'm not doing it right now but maybe start on it in like 2 months when I'm starting my new job. But I need to start doing my research now.
  11. Nothing official yet. There is a thread in general I believe saying bay area roll call that it's been talked about. You can keep an eye out and see what comes from it.
  12. Hey guys/gals, so as I was partying at a buddies house over new years, a interesting proposition has come up. So my buddy has a 84 300zx that he put a Chevy ls in. Well he has the Vg30e from it, now the kicker is he also has the turbo parts (minus ecu) to pretty much make it a Vg30et that was also available for his car. Well he told me I could just have the engine and all that if I wanted to use it. So that brings me up to some questions..... So IF I decide to try some sort of swap, should I just swap in the entire engine with turbo? Should I pull apart the two engines and put one together using both parts? Or just go on living my life lol. Also does anyone know what I'm lookin at as far as swapping the wiring over? And then I can just find a ecu off a turbo car and run that? I'm in no rush but I want to start getting some opinions, I mean this deal popped into my lap and the engines are so close to each other so this could be nice to put in my pathy one of these days.
  13. Oh and PS, that little datsun is bad ass!!! I love those old mini trucks
  14. Welcome!! Those wheels look pretty good on that thing. I was ion the same boat as you lol, bought mine cheap but it had these wheels on it What section of CA are you? Im bout a hour south of SF. There is some talk of maybe a wheeling trip to hollister coming up, maybe you could bring your new pathy out!
  15. lol and to think when it hit 25 the other morning I was pissed. Guess Im too used to the Cali life lol
  16. any ideas yet of when we might set up a trip there? Im pretty busy in Jan but a trip in Feb could work out. Thoughts?
  17. Oh My!!! lookin good so far, i wish we had patrols over here in the US lol, that way we could use some parts on our pathys and keep them 100% Nissan
  18. Ive ran a 40 series, a 4 inch tip right off the cat, and now run a magnaflow on my latest WD. The flowmaster had good rumble, the pipe i made for after the cat actually sounded a lot better than you would think but sweet jesus, its pretty loud. and my set up i have now I love. The magnaflow sounds good and doesnt mess up flow (you can see through the muffler) but quiets it down quite a bit. You can def hear it but its not super loud. So it comes down to how loud you want to be lol.
  19. Yea, they actually even have ultra4 races there too. if your close its worth swinging by, all the obstacles you can drive by before attempting so you know what your getting into there. def not a bad option to kill some time there. I dont go as much as hollister just cause its like 2-1/2 hours to there and only 45 to Hollister lol
  20. Anyone here running upgraded cams in their pathys?

    1. PHR


      Yes from jim wolf


    2. calibeater


      how much of a difference did it make?

  21. This is what we took this last weekend. But I take my pathy to hollister bout once a month since from my door to the gates is only a 45 min drive
  22. We could plan a Prarie City trip one of these days, thats pretty close to you. and you can have some fun out there too, from easy to hard.
  23. My bad lol. I actually didnt take my pathy on this trip, I rode in my buddies truck cause I am helping him track down some bugs in his truck. I took mine out there twice last month. I toasted my center link one trip lol, so be gentle or bring parts.
  24. Morgan Hill checking in lol. Actually was at Hollister today.
  25. hmm, well then i think it should work then. i mean he still has the old one but it just isnt working right so he asked me and i wanted a good answer for him lol
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