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  1. I have had bad experiences with Coils in the past. And I think that leafs are more user friendly. I am not the most knowledgable person on the subject but I know my way around a leaf spring lift pretty good. I did a SAS on a bronco with leafs so its familiar. But I havent even looked into the Linked coil spring option at all... I will have to do more research now. lol. thanks
  2. Anyone done this swap? I really want mine to be a 5 speed. I have seen someone on youtube say that they have done the swap but i can not find anything about it on any forums. Any direction would be great. Thanks
  3. So, I know that there are a lot of posts in here that talk about SAS. I have been through and read almost all of them. I am trying to SAS my 92 Pathfinder and I have some quesiotns. Anyone who could help me with direction on where to look or answer them it would be great. 1. How much lift does the wagoneer stock springs give? Could I fit 35's? 2. When I lift the rear I want to Leaf spring it as well. Can I use the Waggy rear axle/springs too? 3. Steering? Who's steering systme do I use with a SOA setup? Any other useful information that you guys could provide me would be great. I have looked at the Calmini website and am going to order the Front Hanger bracket that they make. trying to get everything together before I tear into it. It is my daily driver currently and extremely reliable. Again thanks for the help in advance.

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