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    86 1/2 HB compeletly built by me myself and i rollcage from bumper to bumper hand built long travel suspension that pulls 16 inches of travel 30.5 inch tires z24 4 banger 5 speed
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  1. Well shes under the knife right now fabbed up a 6 inch per side wider so a foot wider in track width [/url
  2. They arent really to direct fit need trimming but worth it in my opinion
  3. I fabbed up my own a arms and tie rods... 1 inch uniballs for upper and lower arms and 3/4 inch for the tie rods everything is 1 1/2 dom tubing and and the lower arms are plated everything is 4 inches wider then stock
  4. Then i realized i couldn't afford to race it soo decided to make it street legal
  5. Then hung all the body panels [url=http://s114.photobucket.com/user/nate216/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2014-09-29-09-12-59_zpsc5b5ee48.png.html][/url
  6. So after 6 months of work she was all welded up she got pulled out of the garage for the first time
  7. Then came the task of the roll cage mind you i did this whole entire truck alone no one held stuff or anything lol
  8. Sorry guys i was at work, i as well want to build a long travel ifs 4x4 pathy when money allows lol got too many projects at the moment, so i bought a tube bender and started on her first the engine cage,front bumper and bed cage [/url [url=http://s114.photobucket.com/user/nate216/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2014-09-29-09-05-13_zps72b0863b.png.html]
  9. Then decided to build it for the mini stock class for the lucas oil so i stripped her
  10. First phase of the build when i was 16 sanded it down to metal cuz the paint was falling off then put fiberglass fron fenders pulled the bedsides painted it flat black put off road lights a need grill and turn signals and put it on stock titan steelies

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