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2.5D High Fuel Consumption

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Hey friends,

I've just got my hands on my first Pathfinder, and I'm wrapped. Perfect service history, no audible timing chain noise, 145K on it and relatively stock which I love. A real gem.

After lots of reading - I did however purchase the car working under the assumption that the 2.5L TD engine is able to achieve approximately 10.5L/100km day-to-day driving, and < 10 on long distances. Mine's an automatic, and is showing roughly 14.5L/100km atm day-to-day. Not towing anything, empty car. It's a Spanish made-model. 

Given that the turbo works fantastic, solenoid all good, vacuum hoses all good, does anybody:
A - Agree that this figure is a little high?

B - If so, where should I start looking?

Any contributions or re-directs to older threads where this has already been covered would be much appreciated. 



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Not a lot of R51 owners on here, unfortunately. I don't know the platform or the engine well enough to speculate apart from the usual stupid stuff--check the tires, check for codes, maybe have a look in live data to see if various sensors are reading where they should.

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