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C1204 error


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I own a Nissan Pathfinder 2014. 

About a month ago, while driving straight I keep hearing a faint winding noise. Sound level increases as you drive faster. 


Initially I thought it might be the wheel bearing. I connected the obd2 scanner to check for error codes. And it gave the code C1204 : 4WD Solenoid. 


Do you know what that is? Is it an easy fix? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Your best bet is to download the service manual for your year from Nicoclub, look up that code, and see what steps the manual recommends to troubleshoot it. The later manuals assume you have the dealer scan tools, but sometimes you'll get lucky and find a "without CONSULT" option, or at least a description of what conditions trigger that code.


There is a service bulletin out for that code as well. Looks like they think it's a computer fault. They don't mention a noise, though.

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So that one code means an electrical fault, the coupling (clutch?), or apparently also the computer. Well, that narrows it down, huh?


I don't know crap about R52s, or where they go wrong. I would start by checking the circuit, then if that checks out, drain the fluid and look for wear material. A drain and fill did wonders for the transfer in my '95, but of course that's an entirely different beast. Good luck!

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