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Rear door lock issue (how to remove?)


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Hey everyone,


has anyone experience on taking out the rear door lock from first gen. Terrano/Pathfinder? What I would like to specifically know - should I undo the screws first and then unhook the rods from the levers and how would I go about detaching the rods as there are these plastic clips holding them in place.



Issue: My left R door lock does not unlock, managed to feel my way around all the rods and levers inside the door to open the door and there is obviously a mechanical error somewhere within the lock (both the actuator and the doorknob rod/lever move, but no matter the force I applied on these to unlock it with my hand didn´t do anything). 


Or is the replacement of the lock module a wiser option altogether?

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Alvarez Metal Works on Youtube posted a video on tearing down a door, looks like he only showed the front door though. I would expect the linkage to be similar. I've got a donor I'm stripping down and can get pictures if needed. 


The bent end of the linkage rod goes into the hole in the base of the clip, and then the clip pivots around to grab the rod and hold it in. To disengage, find the open end of the clip (so you know which way to push) and work it off of the rod, and then pull the rod out of the hole. As for which to remove first, if you can get to the clips, I'd get the rods off first so the latch isn't flopping around while you fight with the clips. Take pictures of how it's all set up before you start so you don't get all turned around when you go to put it back together.

Hopefully the fault with the lock is something simple, which will make itself obvious once you've got it on the bench. 

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