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Wiper motor upgrade.

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Hi, I have heard other WD21/D21 owners complain about the power and speed of these older wiper motors. Although I have used my same wiper motor for almost 20 years with no failure, I wish it had a little more ummph !! Years ago I read about a different vehicles' wiper motor that can be retro-fitted to our trucks. Anyone know about this or done a similar upgrade ??? Any clues/info would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Scott

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I've heard of people swapping in the intermittent wipers on older/base model rigs that didn't come with them, but hot-rodding the actual motor is news to me. Mine has always seemed plenty strong to me. It'll stall if the blades are frozen down or trapped by snow, but in that case I suspect more torque would just break something. If yours feel weak, I would check for voltage drop (weak switch or wiring), dry bearings/pivots, hard grease in the motor--basically go over it looking for something seized or gummed up or otherwise sapping power.

With a little fabrication, and some wiring, I imagine you could get most any wiper motor to work. The wiring could be tricky depending on how the donor was set up. Some wiper motors have high/low/ground wires, some are case-grounded, and some are ground-switched. And then there's the wiring for the self-parking and the intermittent function, if yours has that. 

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Thanks for the advice. Been same since 2003, powerful...but slower than I like. I have had 6 Wd's and alot of D21's over the years...always slow wipers. I just wish that they could run like my 2004 Pathfinder Armada. I guess not a problem for many, most D21's will not get up to the speeds on the highway like mine. Yes, with enough time and money any motor could be fitted.

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Thanks, Slartibartfast. I have a different style motor that I am thinking of using... would just love to have the right size shaft/spline/arm to fit the linkage. The mounting and wiring do not bother me.


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