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Recommend replacement exhaust for VG33 and temp fix for cracked manifold?


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Rear muffler is gone, the rest is decently rusty, so want to just swap out the whole thing behind the cats. I often order parts from rockauto but I don't see a full exhaust package and ordering piece by piece would be much more than buying the whole thing elsewhere. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation.


Also found my exhaust leak under the hood. Cracked manifold.


Has anyone used JB Weld fiberglass wrap or high temp putty for something like this? Not as a permanent fix, but I need to get smogged ASAP. I have time for an exhaust replacement, but not digging under the hood to replace the manifold at the moment.

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There should be options for the rear resonator and then the front pipes and center muffler as a single piece. 






There are a few more options of varying prices than what I posted above .


When I swapped my exhaust I purchased from Rockauto, but at that time they also had the Bosal brand available. Good quality, its been about 4 years so far and no issues or a spec of rust. And I live in NY. 


As for the manifold, I'm not too sure. 

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Yes one is the entire rear resonator and the other is for the center muffler up to the cat. That makes up the entire exhaust system after the cats which is what you mentioned you were looking for. 


The diagram does show individual parts but the link themselves carry the part for what you are looking for. Cycle through the pictures on the link. 

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