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Lifting 01 Qx4

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I plan on lifting my 2001 Qx4 but i cannot find anything more than 2.5'' in the front and 3'' in the back. Does anybody have any solutions to this? I thought about ordering two sets of the strut spacers and just stacking to desired height but wasn't sure if that was the safest route to go. Not sure about doing an SFD, still researching those. primarily looking for a suspension or body lift. If anyone has any ideas or alternatives please let me know! Thanks!


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There is actually a lot of information about this topic here on the forum, just gotta poke around a bit.  The long and short of it is, you're not gonna get more lift than that without an SFD, and even that is kind of pushing it depending on how you set it up; if you do that much lift with spacers expect CV damage if you actually go offroading.  Since these vehicles are unibody, body lift is not an option.


The "Land Rover Lift Springs" thread in this subforum is a great resource for information about an excellent lift option combos.

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