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Nissan VG 33 engine timing problems


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I have a 2003 Nissan  Frontier with a VG 33 engine. I am having trouble with the startup after replacing timing belt and valve job. Engine act like it would like to start but will not  it is acting like it is a little out of time and smells like it also. I have noticed that the drivers side cam gear has a little right and left play in it moving with my hand left or right about 2 teath.  my question is, is this suppost to be like this for the electric computer timing or is there something incorrect about the way the heads were rebuild 2 weeks ago. it has never started seance the valve job and new timing belt. timming belt marks are all lined up.  any ideas?

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Do you see anything out of place under the valve covers? I think in certain positions the cam gear will move slightly. Is there always play or can you turn everything and the play goes away? If there’s always play then something is possibly missing from the lifter assembly. Or the whole thing might be loose or something.

I’d take a look under the valve covers and see where that play is coming from.

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