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  1. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    OK, Problem solved. I had someone else look at the because did not know what to do. what he found was a electrical problem in the wiring harness. It was in the pin being bent over that supplied juice to the fuel rain. Thank you very much for all the input and suggestions.
  2. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    By the way, I love your project car. it looks fantastic!
  3. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    Forgot something, I also put on a new fuel regulator.
  4. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    Thank you for sticking with me on this it is my son and I only transportation, I am a single dad, so I can only work on it while he is in school. How it started was: I purchased the truck with the owner telling me it had a blown head gasket(so I got it cheap). I replaced head gasket, Timing belt etc. When trying to start it back up I found the distributor would not fire. So I replaced it. Then I found water in the gas from setting for about a year. Emptied the tank, replaced fuel filter, blew all fuel lines out and sucked the gas out of fuel rail with a small pump. Checked fuel pressure it holds steady at 43 lbs. Then with 15 lb of pressure blew fuel rail out through return line and checked all ejector for spray and put electric on them to pulse them. the engine is a VG33 All repairs went fine. Went to fire the truck and it was a no start. Poured gas down a little round tube going to the throttle body beside air filter and Truck started and as long as I poured gas down that tube it ran great when out of gas it would stop. So checked with Blue Drive scanner and got PO505 error. It remains that way today.
  5. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    I have no indicator lights below my vents. Starter and ignition work fine. After thinking about this my problem with Nissan not running on its own. My injectors must be firing. if I pour gas down a tube by throttle body you can rev the motor and it will run normal and can be revved up as long as you keep pouring in the gas. Does anyone know if the throttle would withhold the gas and bring the PO505 error if the idle air control sensor is not working properly? And if it is the case should I clean it or buy another one for over $166.00 (from Napa Auto). I have limited funds. Please Advise Your advice is very much appreciated to this pour boy it is my only form of transportation, I need to get my truck running.
  6. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help. I will follow the leads all of you gave me. I was able to get a new scanner I purchased the other day called Blue Driver. It gave me an error code of PO5050. which is Idle air controler. Not sure why this would happen. Sounds like I have a lot of electrical to check out which is not my greatest achavement. I will post back here what I discovered. Any more advice is well appreciated. It seems very odd to me that I can pour gas in the throttle body and it and it runs buetiful but will not run on its own. This is first Nissan I ever owned. Wow they are very complicated. Again thank you so very much! If you thank of anything else please let me know.
  7. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    I Checked fuel rail and injector. When I take number 1 plug out, turning over engine and placing paper towel over the spark plug hole I do not have any wetness on the paper towel. I also took fuel rail out after removing plentem. retested injectors with 30 lb of pressure and all is fine, so no cloge. I am assuming something is telling injector not to fire. I have never run into anything like this ever. Any advice is very much appreciated.
  8. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    Not that I can find.
  9. mrsteve

    fuel problem

    now my 2003 Nissan, it only runs as long as I feed it gaseline through one of the hoses coming from the breather. when I stop pouring gas into it,the truck will stop running. Fuel pressure holds at 40 and does not leak off. I can hear fuel pump up when I turn on the key. I blew out all lines from tank forward. I pumped out all fuel from enjecteres, emptied all fuel from the gastank, replaced all fuses under dash that were connected to fuel . and installed new fuel filter. it just acts like it is not getting gas on its own to keep running. does anyone know what else I can do?
  10. I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier with a VG 33 engine. I am having trouble with the startup after replacing timing belt and valve job. Engine act like it would like to start but will not it is acting like it is a little out of time and smells like it also. I have noticed that the drivers side cam gear has a little right and left play in it moving with my hand left or right about 2 teath. my question is, is this suppost to be like this for the electric computer timing or is there something incorrect about the way the heads were rebuild 2 weeks ago. it has never started seance the valve job and new timing belt. timming belt marks are all lined up. any ideas?

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