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Timing issues 89 pathfinder

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So ive recently decided to buy my old pathfinder off an old friend and I can't seem to get the timing right? The only timing marks I have are two one is missing on one of the camshaft gears? What do I do? I took an old block from a 96 hardbody and put my vg30 heads on it

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Yeah.. what do you do there..??


Well from what I just read, it’s going to be a huge pain in the butt to set the cam.. I would definitely advise getting a cam gear from a junkyard. Does the gear have a keyway?



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Is the engine still in the vehicle? If so, then it will be tricky.


If not, remove the entire Cam with the sprocket on it.


To get the sprocket off the end, use a pulley removal tool. Makes it much easier.,


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Yes, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass. The sprocket is on with a 14mm nut. Remove the nut and pop off the sprocket. If the sprocket is jammed on, then you have ALOT more of a problem than just timing.







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So timing is set! But still won't turn over? How much of an angle do I need to set my distributor? Also could there be another issue to my no start situation? Kinda sounds like only three cylinders are compressing


Did you perform the timing IAW the FSM? ie: Top L&R sprockets align with dimples on rear timing cover, bottom sprocket aligns with dimple on oil pump housing, and verify proper number of teeth between sprockets? (mind you this is all done with the number one cylinder at TDC (Top Dead Center))


If you have accomplished that correctly and properly tensioned the timing belt, then you should make sure pull the distributor, remove the cap, then point the rotor at the number one plug location. easiest way to do that is to use a sharpie and mark the side of the dizzy at the #1 position while the cap is on. When you've done that, reinstall the dizzy (hold the rotor in place while installing) so that it's pointing at the number one position after installation.


if the timing is off, it's not going to sound right at all...


and...hopefully when you set TDC it wasn't 180 degrees out....

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