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Hubs locked 2WD Thud


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Greetings all,

It's been about 7 or 8 years since I posted, but I still own my pathfinder! I have recently had battles keeping the maintenance up to date. I have struggled for 2 weeks sorting out a four-wheel drive issue. I have manual warn locking hubs that I just serviced to work correctly. My four wheel drive works as it should. However cruising in 2 wheel drive with the hubs locked I get a single thud fairly randomly from the front end that you can feel shock the truck has if you hit a bridge abutment. Running the truck in 4wd hi seems to alleviate the problem but I have felt them much more subtley in 4hi. If anyone has any thoughts or any experience with this please let me know!

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Sounds more like something loose in the suspension to me. Having it in 4WD might be loading up whatever is making the thunk and changing the noise it makes. That said, having it thunk like you hit something sounds like it might be something more serious in the drivetrain.

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Based on the fact you don't hear this with your hubs disconnected...and you don't hear it with the hubs connected and the T-case engaged (mostly), but you DO hear it when the hubs are driving the driveshafts...

I would suspect you have a bad CV axle. Either the joint, or bad bearings on either end allowing the axle to jump around.


You should be able to check this by lifting the wheels and getting under and man-handling the axles. Looking for excessive play in any direction.


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My understanding is that a worn CV doesn't tend to make noise unless you're loading it, so I'd expect it to make more noise in 4x, not less. And unless the boots are blown up, or the joint has failed catastrophically, they can make loads of noise and look fine. SMA on Youtube did a teardown on a really noisy one recently and didn't find the problem with the axle until he had it completely to pieces.

Are you sure you put the snap rings back on when doing the hubs? Maybe the shafts are trying to float inwards and binding up?

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