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R50 Roof Rack to WD21


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My father has a dead 1997 r50 pathy that he is letting me pull parts off of should they fit my wd21. I already pulled out the center console, and am wondering if the roof rack fits or could be modified to fit on my 1995 pathfinder. I have yet to take measurements since he currently has a bunch of lumber stacked on top of it, but was wondering if anyone around here had done such a swap before and if it was deemed possible.

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I've actually been fiddling with this in the garage. I found 2 2003 SE roof racks at the local JY for $15 each.


From what I was able to find, the two tracks that mount to the roof are the same for all R50s. The SE models that had the side rails and wind deflector were bolted onto those tracks. R50 body stamping also recesses the tracks into the roof a bit, and uses extra mounting hardware. The mounting hardware is bolted through the roof and then the racks bolt to that hardware. Since the WD21s don't have that recessed area, you can't use the mounting hardware and will need to figure out how to securely mount the rack.


There are also width issues. The R50 rack with stock cross-bars is equal in width to where the hump in the WD21 roof tapers down. So you either need to find new cross-bars that are wider and mount the tracks outside of the hump, or you need to cut down the cross bar and mount the tracks on the hump.


Since mine's a 2-door, I've also got to deal with the band that runs across the top (where the optional light bar would have mounted). I ended up trimming the cross-bars and wind deflector by about 2 1/2" and had to shorten the tracks and side rails by about 18". Here are a couple picks with it sitting on the roof. (I haven't mounted it yet because I'm still trying to figure out how to plug the opening at the front that you see in the pics and figure out how to securely attach it to the roof.)





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Those holes would probably howl like crazy going down the highway. If you could split a piece of plastic conduit and weatherstrip seal it down or glue it down. You could split a conduit cap and just use a screw it in to fix it on. They you could remove it to run auxiliary wiring.



Here's a great tip to get a clean cut lengthwise on PVC pipe. The second post.

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Those holes would probably howl like crazy going down the highway.


That's the biggest concern. I was also thinking filling up the gap with liquid rubber and letting it cure. I can run wiring through the plastic trim easy enough, so I'm not worried about sealing up the holes.


I haven't played with it for a few months, and probably won't be able to do anything else until the week after Christmas. If I'm lucky, I can get it all buttoned up that week.

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