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  1. By filter you mean one of these? :https://www.amazon.com/58964-Magnetic-Line-Transmission-Filter/dp/B0014BCFC0
  2. So I don't know when or if the transmission fluid has ever been changed in my wd21. Its from 1995 and is creeping up on 108k miles. I was thinking I would do so my self to learn the process, but I have no idea where the dip stick is to check the fluid, or where to add and drain said fluid. I have goggled and looked in the FSM and come up empty with what I am looking for. I also have what I think is stiff shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Its a clunk like feeling that feels like it occurs from the rear of the pathy. Would that be the transmission I am feeling or the rear differential? It doesnt occur when driving except for initial acceleration from a stop.
  3. I know the rig was supposed to come with an alarm but I never turned it on because I have sensor issues with the doors and assumed they would trip an activated alarm. When the rain ends I will try to trace the wires and then if possible remove the rusty cancer and tuck or ground the wires elsewhere. Thanks!
  4. I was sleeving a wire the other day and realized that this metal thing that other wires ran to was heavily rusted and was wondering what it was. I am thinking some form of ground point but there are no other ground points like this in the rest of the engine bay that I can locate.Was hoping I could remove it and ground the wires to a less rusty surface as I am afraid that continued rust buildup will give me a ground problem, if indeed this is a wire ground.
  5. I don't suppose there is a work around for that? Starting to wish I had waited for a 4x4 but this pathy was only 101k miles on the original motor and trans so it was a steal for me.
  6. My exhaust system is pretty much the only rust issue my pathfinder faces and I will eventually be needing a new muffler because of this. I also appear to have the manifold stud ticking issues as my pathy will initially tick when it first starts till it warms warms up. Because of this I was thinking about putting in a new exhaust system completely. So now I have questions about how to go about doing this. I was thinking about going with Doug Thorely headers but as I have the 2wd model I think there might be some issue with this? I have not found specific reasons, just various posts that say it is not as straight forward to install because the y pipe has to be modified. 1. Can a 2wd 1995 pathy have doug thorely (or any) headers installed? 2. If so, can they be installed and then taken to muffler shop for final welding or would it be best to have a shop doing the whole installation? (trying to lower shop costs) 3. Any reason why I should or shouldnt have it all done at once (Headers, Cat, Muffler?) 4. Any idea what a ball park cost a shop would charge for something like this?
  7. Prior to my purchasing of my pathfinder someone had attempted to get into the car by trying to pick the drivers side door. They failed miserably and just managed to fubar the lock. The key somewhat goes in, and wont turn the lock. So I have to open the rig by the passenger side. This is slightly annoying hehe. So, my questions is how difficult is it to replace these, and does it make sense to attempt to rekey one myself? I have access to an r50 pathfinders cylinders and am wondering if they would be similar. I imagine that having a dealer replace the lock would be ridiculously high.
  8. Replaced a faulty battery that bit the dust during some cold temperatures. Got it replaced for free since it was not even 4 months old! Pathfinder roars to a start now
  9. I drive a pathfinder because I learned to drive in an R50 and love how similar vehicles ride. I always liked the feel of the pathfinder, so when I was looking for a hard body truck and came across a great deal on a pathfinder I scooped it up. Now I have the best of both worlds, a suv that looks and feels like a truck should
  10. Thanks! Ill go take a look at that when it warms up a bit this afternoon.
  11. My pathy is 1995. Looks like the consensus brake sensor plug. Ill look into that some more today. Next question, what could have caused the plug to burn up?
  12. I have no idea Have yet to find a plug that's missing. I shall endeavor to look tomorrow.
  13. I am trying to figure out what this wire is. I have used the FSM and I think it may be related to the brake fluid? Unsure as this is the first time I have gone through an automotive wiring schematic. Any ideas? http://s90.photobucket.com/user/HastingsIV/media/20161128_145038_zpsxx2gwzkn.jpg.html
  14. Replaced the alternator today. Thanks everyone for the help, it was not nearly as hard as I thought. Today's dry weather helped immensely too.
  15. Figured out how to remove the belt with everyone's help and a reading of the FSM. Thanks! Now I just have to figure out how to get the damn thing out. Will be picking up a set of box end wrenches tomorrow as my socket set doesn't give me enough room to work in the cramped conditions. Nissan really made getting to the alternator a pain in the ass. And the ground wire on the alternator could not be in a more awkward place either hah!
  16. So I mentioned the issue to my mechanic, and since my alt belt was so loose on the alternator, and since it didn't act up while in shop, they thought it was just the belt occasionally not gripping the alternator as it should. This made sense, and I accepted it and everything seemed fine. Unfortunately the issue started back up again last night, only this time it was more than the occasional flicker. The wiper motors were also having issues moving so it was really not getting enough power. Its not constant, in fact I just started the car about at hour ago with no symptoms, but it is getting more frequent and staying longer when it is occurring. The mechanics want $350 to replace the alternator. That seems excessively steep, and honestly I am a little irked about it since I was hoping to get it replaced when they had torn everything off for the timing belt change. I have replaced an alternator before many years ago on another rig, and I feel that I can get this one changed too I just have a few questions about how to best do that. It seems that the alternator is best reached from below the pathfinder. Is there any need to remove the wheel for access or can I install the alt from beneath the truck? And where the hell is the tensioner for the alt belt? I have looked at my Haynes manual and it only shows an older style engine despite being for my exact model pathfinder. I think they didn't update images for later model pathfinders and kept the old images from the 80s.
  17. Thanks! I did some other searching and came to that conclusion as well. Ill be sure to mention it to the mechanic when I arrive.
  18. Tonight I was leaving my in laws and noticed that the dash lights for the e-brake and the battery were occasionally flickering on and off. I didn't notice any additional dash lights, and the ones that I have on (missing tire carrier, overdrive) stayed on and didn't flicker at all. Any ideas what this means? I am taking it to the mechanics for a timing belt change in the morning and was wondering what I should tell the mechanics about this new issue.
  19. Was able to finally get the endlinks installed. I had to reuse the original spacer as the new spacer was far too long. Bar just could not clear the bolt with the long spacer on it.
  20. My father has a dead 1997 r50 pathy that he is letting me pull parts off of should they fit my wd21. I already pulled out the center console, and am wondering if the roof rack fits or could be modified to fit on my 1995 pathfinder. I have yet to take measurements since he currently has a bunch of lumber stacked on top of it, but was wondering if anyone around here had done such a swap before and if it was deemed possible.
  21. I am replacing my front end bushings to alleviate the dread death wobble and was noticing that the length of the Energy Suspension part I purchased was longer than the OEM link. Does it just appear to be this way or is the energy suspension part longer for a particular reason? Wondering if they are longer for lift kits, or if they sent me one for a different truck. Does this have any adverse affect on the vehicle if mine is at stock height?
  22. I read somewhere else (cant find the link now) where someone suggested changing the TPS to alleviate odd early shifts. I also have little knowledge of what the the TPS does but ill keep that in mind and do more research. Aux cooler is on my priority list, spent the other day scouring the net and these forums for the best ones and best way to install.
  23. I am not the original owner, and there are no mods to the rig. It doesn't feel to be slipping, and after scouring the forum more I notice others have had the same issue with the transmission from 1-2. Ill have to look at the fluid levels, and I honestly have not done so myself. One more thing to learn. I am using this rig as a way to teach myself more about auto mechanics and I have never done any work on a transmission, nor even check the fluids or attempted diagnosis of anything transmission related I am planning on installing an standalone transmission cooler. I have changed radiators before so it doesn't look much different than doing that. Thinking that might be helpful in the longevity of the transmission after all I have read about the stock cooler clogging. I would rather put money in preventative maintenance that purchasing a new transmission. With that in mind, I have heard some folks referance that you can install an early model Xterra transmission in WD21s. Is that the case or is there a lot of fabbing involved to get that to work?
  24. Unsure what the proper mechanical or automotive terminology might be for this, but my 1995 A/T Pathy experiences a "jolt" or "thump" often when it is going from first to second gear. It is rough and makes me worry something is out of alignment. After the initial jolt it doesn't do that for any other gears until I bring the vehicle to a complete stop and then accelerate. This makes driving in residential areas annoying, and I am fearful that this means my transmission is going to be eating a ton of cash soon.
  25. I have a 1995 Black XE. I am thinking about having it painted two tones. Bright Yellow body with Black accents.

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