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Drooping floppy sun visors

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I took mine off again, I can still feel they are soaked with water trapped inside so they are now heavier, which is another reason why they won't stay up. So I unscrewed them again and gave them a good squeezing over the bath and quite a bit of dirty brown water came out. Allowed to hang up and dry in a warm room over night.

I'm going to get some super glue and allow that to run down into where the black piece goes into the sun visor. This should stiffen the connection up between the rod and visor material so they have more grip to stay up. I've considered a strip of Velcro but with the hot sun in summer the glue will just come off from the headliner.

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Have you tried a binder clip? You basically need something to pinch the area where the rod goes into the visor, since this is what controls the sun visor folding down.

No haven't tried that one and I want to try and keep it as OEM as possible. Il try the glue trick first and if all else fails Il try binder clips. Still have them hanging up. Squeezing is helping get the water out.

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Update - Super glue works! Just get some super glue, you want to feed it into the tiny gap around where the plastic swivel joint goes into the sun visor then hold the sun visor up with your hand and just hold it there for a minute until it sets, or even a wooden pole pressing against it with the other end to the driver seat to hold it up overnight might be better. Wallah, no more droopy visor. Cost like $2 for the super glue and I am very happy again.

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