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2008 ST -ABS locked up - Please help ! -QLD Australia


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Hi there Guys i have a 2008 Pathfinder ST that has suddenly locked up and would not release, its in the garage at the moment and has had new pads and rotors to front but apparently ABS locks up on start up and will not release the garage are not sure but are suggesting that it is the ABS control module that is at fault but cant seem to find one second-hand, and apparently a new part from Nissan is $6000.00 !!!!!!

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions or opinions or know where i could possibly look for a second had module ?

Part number is 47660 4X50E DE

I really don't have $6000.00 to spend on this car so any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated ,thanks in advance for assistance provided ,


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First thing to do is get the truck to another garage for a second opinion. I would suggest that it's an electrical issue but not likely with the module itself. But that's based on my experience with my father's newer vehicles.


Either way take that to a garage of good reputation (not the one with the biggest ad in the paper or phone book) and get another opinion.

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Ok, well that apparently took me too long to edit that post. Here is what it should be...


I assume your Pathfinder is a 4.0l, with hill decent control(or what we americans call the Off Road Package). Here is a pic of the wiring diagram for the ABS system. The shop should check it for codes and see whats going on. I wonder if somehow they messed up something and the Steering angle sensor needs to be reset. That can be done with some nicer aftermarket scan tools or at a Nissan dealer. The system should not just keep the system locked up. If it fails, it should go into failsafe mode, and basically you have a vehicle with no ABS until its fixed. The other possibility is that there is a brake caliper locked up.


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I have to agree with 5523Pathfinder. He beat me to the reply!


I was thinking steering angle as well.

I also would add, that we do not replace many ABS controllers here or get many orders for them, especially on the Pathfinder. And frp those that are ordered, it is a harness issue that ends up being the real problem.


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