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Voltage Gauge hits almost 18 V then dash goes off

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Hello everyone,

I've been having this problem for the past week, it first happened while driving i noticed my dash lights and gauges shutting off, engine remains on, gas wont respond, steering fine, after five seconds and a relay type clicking noise on the lower left of steering wheel, dash comes back on and i regain control.This almost happens at least once a day while driving.

To troubleshoot this i noticed how the negative terminal on the battery was kind of loose, i replaced it and had the battery tested, battery tested fine. While at home i've been trying to consistently try and start the car a few times trying to observe as much as i can to figure this out, at times, when starting the engine i notice the voltage gauge (battery voltage) go and hit almost the 18V mark, when this happens the dash turns off, the temperature, gas, oil pressure go down, the engine remains on, gas wont respond, battery light comes on along with brake light, they blink its maybe not until 5 seconds after that the gauges come back and the dash light comes back to normal after a relay clicking noise.

Not really sure what is causing this, i am thinking the alternator has some sort of problem where the voltage level goes too high and some sort of protection goes on, its just a theory. I am attaching a video and any help is welcomed.





Pathfinder details:


Model: 2006 SE

Mileage: 129,000


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I would take the alternator to have it tested. This sounds like a bad internal regulator on the alternator. Even if it tests fine, this sort of issue can be intermittant untill the regulator 100% fails, so it will test ok and yet still be bad.

If this is the issue overcharging may damage the battery as well.

The brake+battery light means there is an alternator issue of some kind.

If the alternator is fine, check the harnesses, connectors and grounds for the alternator. Check the fusbile link on the positive terminal for corrosion and the negative ground harness as well.

Given that the alternator is 8 years old, it may be time for a new one.


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