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Missing some light

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I'll preface this post with a warning that I'm not very good with electrical stuff so if you could be kind that would be appreciated!


The beast is the V6wagon and right now I'm missing the high beam on the left side of the truck only. I found one wire that was exposed and checked that there was power with the lights on (0v), off (0v) and on high (0v). The wire is red with a blue stripe. I'm looking at EL-40 in the FSM and found the Daytime Lights Control Unit on the truck but all of the wires are green with corrosion and most are not attached. My question is how do I track down the open wire OR how can I bypass the DLCU to get nightime driving safety back??


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IIRC. I just remember having one headlight out, chasing voltage (or lack of) and finding the fuses in the engine bay fuse bank.... Felt kinda stupid but relieved it was fixed....

Just a good thing to check just in case....

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I don't know about the DRL modules but it's common for the actual switch (the one on the column) to make one headlight or the other not work. One of my high beams quit once, and cleaning the switch contacts fixed the problem.

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