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Double Din Radio Replacement


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I guess I am going to give up on the Bose Radio in my 2002 Pathfinder and put in a replacement.


I would like some real world suggestions from the forum from those that already have replacement stereo's in their R50's. I would like the pros and cons of a touch screen, vs a traditional stereo, other than the obvious cost difference.


I have no interest in window rattling volume, just a nice sounding stereo that gets good radio reception, both AM and FM. I was completely satisfied with the stock Bose radio before it decided to no longer function properly.



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I put a Pioneer Double Din Nav unit in my 96 pathy. It's touch screen and works well. Probable wouldn't have gone that route if I didn't get a killer deal on it but hey, why not? If you go with a single din radio, you'll get a cool extra pocket to put stuff in with the install kit.

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That is is GREAT topic because I myself had an issue with my BOSE unit after I purchased my 03 LE. The solution was a Pioneer BT 530 with a Pandora App built in. It also was blue tooth capable and a back up camera installed (very helpful hooking up the boat) As far as installation I will not be very helpfull because I had it swapped out from my "old" vehicle and into my Pathfinder by Best buy.

As far as enjoyment I am not a fan of morning disc jockeys and live with my Pandora app. Although I did have to upgrade my data plan through my cell phone provider. The fit was perfect and has a very pleasant eye appeal ( all my girlfriends love it).

As far as sound quality I did not opt for the amp package that was offered but for my taste it is adequate.

If I could figure out how to post pics I would be happy to share those with the forum.


Thanks for looking KLUELESS

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I bought my Pathy second hand and the deck wasn't reading discs and the LED was going dim, so I gave in and picked up a Kenwood KDC-BT555U on sale and the installation kit. Took me an afternoon and had the decks swapped out.


Double DIN's aren't bad, but I wasn't crazy for touchscreens and like I said, this deck was on sale. It has Bluetooth and, although I don't use them, Sirius and Pandora.

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