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Making a Weber climb


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Hi guys,

Don't know if I needed to start a new thread on Carby's but this is kind of a new topic.


As stated in Z24 Fuel Pressure last time I went off road I had major problems with my Pathy cutting out when climbing.

I assumed a few things:

1. Carby was getting too hot in low range at climbing speed and fuel may have been evaporating (meaning I need to put the bakerlite spacer back in)

2. Original fuel pump that I assume is 370,000 kms old may be tired and not up to the task at such a steep angle (New fuel pump on order)

3. Fuel filters that I have never changed could be causing an issue (I haven’t had the vehicle that long and haven’t thought about fuel filters but they are also on order)


So In the interest of climbing all of the above will be done but....... I have been searching and reading and reading and searching....... And I have found another possible cause.


How to make a weber climb a hill

Overflow valve on weber


So who out there in the Weber carby world has experienced this when climbing and what (other then replacing the Weber) have you done to fix it ?


Which of the above solutions sounds like the best option to you ?





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Hi dean.

Just had a look at the first link where the guy put the copper breather into the top cover of the weber.

I have seen dgv webers with that breather from factory on a carb that came of a ford pinto 2ltr engine.

Can't remember if it was off a cortina or an escort but I suspect most likely TE or TF cortina being later and probably

having more emission controls and the vent was part of it.

Don't know if this helps you or not.


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Hi Cwolf,

Now that you mention road car carby's I have a faint and I mean very faint recollection of seeing something like the second option on a carby from a sports car to prevent flooding during cornering. Did I say that this was a faint recollection.


The one from the first link makes a lot of sense as if there is an overflow it will go to the charcoal canister and not flood the engine.




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  • 2 weeks later...

So some progress, in order of the points above.


1. In order to fit the spacer it has to go under the weber adaptor and the allen head bolts that hold it down aren't long enough. So at this stage the spacer stays out.


2. Original fuel pump has been replaced.


3. Fuel filter has been changed.


While I had the carby off I lowered the float level 2mm. I also found that the modification in the first link had already been half done, as the bowl was already vented to the charcoal canister but the original vent was still open. I ended cutting a piece of 1/4 inch copper tube, flattening it to a snug fit then tapping into place, I then sealed any gaps with forma gasket black silicon.

The beauty of doing it this way is it can easily be reversed.


The only problem I have now is I wont know if the problem is fixed until I try it out.



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yeah sorry,

carby is all back together and I didn't take any pics while I was doing it. But the first link is effectively what I did.

I just need to find a big enough hill that has another easy way out to test it.

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