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Diesel Engine Discussion?


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its in your settings.

click on your desired topic (Diesel Engine Discussion for example)

The blue bar above the threads has 5 choices: Recently Updated-Start Date-Most Replies-Most Viewed-Custom

odds are your still set on 'recently updated' (it will be highlighted with a darker blue oval around the text)

Click Custom and it brings up a sub-menu with options of: Show topic type (default all, no need to touch)-sort by (default last post)-sort direction (default Descending)-time frame (default last 60 days)

click time frame and select 'show all' for this topic as the last other topic hasn't been updated since August 29 2012 so it's the only one that will bring up the other topics.

If you want it to be a 1 time effect just simply click "update filter" once selected, or you can check the "remember filters" box to keep it set to those settings (easily reversible by doing the same process back to your preferred setting as well)


this can be done 'per topic' as wanted so just setting the Diesel Engine Discussion topic this way will not change How To's or R50 tech etc.

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