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Hi guys,

Ive got a 370,000 km carburetored Z24 powered 2 door pathfinder as a second/weekend car, It is a little hard to start hopeless chokeless (I dont have a problem but the wife struggles).

The engine has always had pretty bad blow by. But I put up with it. Lately the blow by has got a little worse. It use to oil up the air filter over time now it drowns the air filter pretty quick.

I was always disappointed with the power but hey its an old 4wd.

This weekend after a trip to Dads farm I almost ran out of oil (my fault not the cars). I left home in the dark and thought "she'll be right" then before leaving to come home I gave her a once over to find it very low in oil and a clogged filter. I promptly topped up the oil and due to the already clogged filter vented the engine breather via a garden hose to atmosphere (below the engine). Wow more power, then today a new air filter and more power.


I now find the power almost acceptable and think that after a much overdue freshen up, new rings valves etc. that I might be happy I even have a free 34 ADM Weber to go on.

But am looking for opinions.


I have been offered a complete (recently rolled) 4 door pathy with a v6 (VG30?) for free. And I have been offered a very rust one with a TD27 non turbo. Engine condition of each hasn't been determined.


So if they are in good condition do I stick with the simplicity and reliability of the z24 and recondition it or do I upgrade the engine?.

If I do upgrade petrol or diesel ?




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Well, with your current rig, you could probably swap guts with either rolled vehicle. It wouldn't be a quick and easy swap, but I'm sure it's possible. Fixing the four-banger would probably be the cheaper and easier route, if only because it's there already! You'd need a computer/wiring harness swap to run either of your potential donor engines. Again, totally possible and doable, but a bit of work.


But if somebody wants to give you a free Pathy... even if you don't end up using the engine, that's a lot of parts.

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