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Bosch VE Fuel Injection Pump tuning


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hey guys,

we have a Bosch VE Fuel Injection Pump in our Nissan Terrano's. at least i do in my Gen 1 1991 TD27T.

i will be adding a intercooler and boost controller to turn up my boost soon, and i want to turn up the fuel a little bit to match the increased boost i give it.

so i started doing research on how to tune the Bosch VE fuel injector pump, and i found a ton of great info and pics.

these links explain in detail how to tune the pump using about 4 different adjustments. so this info will be great for anyone who wants to turn up/down their fuel. it also explains how to diagnose exhaust smoke. depending when its happening, there are different adjustments you can make.

here's some links:











and here's some aftermarket fuel pins that will increase your fuel delivery rate even more than the adjustments you can make:




i had to read all the information over a few times before it all started making sense to me. and a lot of the links have very similar information, but i posted all the links because there is some info that is slightly different or more detailed on each page, and some pages have different pics.

the hardest part for me will be just accessing my fuel injector pump. i cant remove my intake manifold because i have 2 bolts with snapped heads on them. maybe i will be able to swing my power steering pump out of the way to give me more room to work? i think it will be hard to make these adjustments with everything in the stock position.

anyways, i've been very interested in this subject for a very long time. i know most of us TD27 owners battle with exhaust smoke, so i hope this info helps some of you. or if you want to turn up your fuel after you add a intercooler and more boost like me, these links have all the info you need.

on a related subject, i recently got rid of my EGR valve and Butterfly Actuator, and it made a drastic reduction in exhaust smoke. i was seeing big black clouds at times, and now i cant get it to smoke even if i try. the most i see is a very light haze that disappears immediately. and i didnt even touch my fuel injector pump. my engine really likes breathing clean air. even my turbo boost feels stronger! i also vented my PCV to the atmosphere through a K&N PVC filter awhile back, and that made a big difference in the amount of exhaust smoke i was seeing at the time also. you could also use a oil catch can in place of the PCV filter here. for those of you who cant remove their EGR due to emissions testing, then you should be able to get good results by tuning your fuel injector pump. there are different adjustments that can be made depending on when you see your exhaust smoke. all the info is in the links i provided.

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When I had my fuel pump tweaked last weekend the guy just adjusted the mixture screw at the end of the pump and adjusted the idle. He did not remove the pump, manifold or any other parts.

It goes like a rocket ship now too with 17Psi boost.

The only time my pump was removed was when they reconditioned the "O" rings in it.


I will troll through those links at a later stage. ;)


BTW, most links appear broken in my browser.

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yeah, i think the smoke screw under the AFC cover on the very top of the pump, the full power screw at the rear of the pump, and the idle speed screw which is also easy to access, are the most important, and you wouldnt need to move anything to tune those. but to get inside the AFC to adjust the fuel deleivery rate, or replace the fuel pin with an aftermarket pin, i think it would really help to remove the intake manifold, seeing as the AFC is directly beneath it. it might be possible to do it without pulling anything, i need to have a closer look first.

i think i will try turning up my fuel by just adjusting the smoke screw, full power screw, and idle speed screw.

that sucks my links dont work. i will try and fix them. there is some great info and pics in there. i just cut the address from th etop of the pages i was looking at. dont know why the links dont work. i'm not so computer savvy. all my bookmarks work though...

and i also have some info on how to tune your wastegate actuator on your turbo, for those of you who want to turn up your boost. it's a good idea to also adjust your waste gate actuator, to make sure it starts to open at the pressure you specified when you turned up the boost.

here's some links. i hope they work:


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