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New Pf @ Home

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Hey All,


My wife and I bought a new 05 PF 1 week ago :takebow: , pix to come later. One question I have: it's got 52,000 miles - am I safe putting full synthetic oil in it? I wanted to put a synth/conv blend in but have limited options. You guys think I can run full synth without a leak worry?

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Congrats. We got our '06 a little over a year ago and really like. It's my wifes ride also. Yeah, there is not that much action in this section. It looks like there is only 5 of us posting. I put synthetic fluids in the tranny, transfer case, and both diffs yesterday, I'll let you know if I encounter any problems. I put Mobil 1 in the engine as soon as we got it.

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opinions vary on when/if it is ok to put synthetics in.

You are at getting ot the edge of where I consider it ok (60K)

Of course like anything, each vehicle is different, and has a different 'personality'.

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