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so heres the plan. i cant get the old z24 engine in my pathy to run, drive, pass emmisions. zip zilch. every mechanic ive taken it to is clueless. so ima gonna yank it out and monster modify it. heres what im wondering. has anyone ever mated up the tranny in an 86 pathy to a domestic small block engine? im going to cram the biggest engine i can possible get in there into this pathy. itll be my frankenstein project. any tips or links to lead me in the right direction will be appreciated.

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Chevy stuff does not bolt to Nissan stuff without expensive custom adapters. You CAN use an all-GM drivetrain if you're good at fabbing though.


I've seen these engines transplanted:


Nissan 3.3 V6

Nissan 4.5 V8

Ford 302 V8

Chevy 305 V8

Chevy 350 V8

Chevy 383 V8

GM 3.8 V6

GM 4.3 V6

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