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Paragon Closed until Further Notice


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Our beloved Paragon Adventure Park in Hazleton, PA was ordered to close after they lost a hearing on Monday. They are to remain closed. They will be closed until they either win an appeal, or receive an injunction.


But...one thing bothers me...




AND....how the *my "vocabulary" is so small* does filling in said ravine and building a G**D**M AIRPORT PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY OF THE LAND???? :furious: :furious:

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It's not looking good fellas....


FAA gives nod to proposed airport


HAZLETON (AP) — A developer proposing a $1.6 billion cargo airport has won conditional federal approval for use of airspace in the area where Luzerne, Schuylkill and Carbon counties meet.


Gladstone Partners proposes the facility, which backers say would create more than 100,000 supporting jobs, for a site on 5,000 acres it has obtained options to buy just south of Hazleton.


The Federal Aviation Administration examined the proposed layout and told Gladstone in an April 30 letter that takeoffs and landings at the site "will not adversely affect the safe and efficient use of navigable airspace." Conditions include eliminating air traffic overlap with Hazleton Municipal Airport and lighting a nearby smokestack.


The conditional approval clears the way for Gladstone to develop a master plan, seek funding, negotiate with tenants, and conduct traffic, environmental and noise studies.


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i'm sure they'll comply.. this is huge money here moving around.. the PAP peeps seemed cooked the first i heard of it. i googled around which affirmed my thoughts. it's just how the dice roll sometimes unfortunately. by co, for co.

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Yep. I'm really hoping that they get offered some sort of buy-out on their lease and can open up someplace else in the not-too-distant future.


Kyle said that if they do get forced off that property, they will reopen, bigger, badder and better than ever someplace else.

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Paragon has secured a small area of land near Red Ridge Campground for trail use. It is currently restricted to guided rides only, but they WILL be back in business for the NorEaster.


There is a large Jeep event going on there this weekend. Watch the Paragon forums for more updates.

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i really wish they'd open it back up i bought an atv trailer during the winter and now no place to use them. I was hoping during the warmer weather i'd take the pathy back there since i always have the ac to cool off where the atv its just HOT. I have been reading up on the www.paragonap.com site so maybe i'll have to try out the new place. My folks have a house about an hour from paragon which works out well....



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