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Found 3 results

  1. First time posting here. As the title implies, I have a stock ‘03 pathfinder and I’m looking to give it a slight lift and bigger tires. I’m thinking of getting the Rocky-Road OME ‘96-‘04 heavy duty lift kit with struts (One question about this kit, are the rear springs heavy duty as well? Doesn’t specify in the description). https://rocky-road.com/shop/nissan-pathfinder-lift-kit-1996-2004/ What size tires would fit with this kit that wouldn’t rub? I was leaning toward Goodyear Wrangler Ultraterrain 265/70 R16 https://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/goodyear-wrangler-ultraterrain-at/p/44194#treadwell-data Im also looking at picking up Warn manual hubs https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/nissan-pathfinder-manual-hubs-by-warn-1996-04-28-spline6-cyl-p-60143.html Thinking of making my own missing link with square steel tubing and of course, a NPORA sticker https://www.pathmakerproductions.com/shop/npora-club-r50f-decal/ am I missing anything? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I know this topic is covered a lot in the forums but I’m asking for some specific advice with my bfs 2001 pathfinder LE (245k km) Paid $2600. After we bought it we took it to a mechanic and he said the shocks were weak and we would need to replace them soon. (Quoted $1200 and they would probably be some crappy shocks/struts) The bf mentioned maybe getting a bit of a lift when we get around to that. We both know absolutely nothing about lifts or tires or anything mechanical at all so this is where I’m asking for advice. I need to know exactly what to buy so I can take it to a mechanic and get them to install it without them gouging me. (We do go off road from time to time for camping and he also just likes the look) Do I need to get new tires too? Can that be done later? I’m in Vancouver Canada and if anyone has links to what I should get I would hugely appreciate it. Sorry for the absolute noob questions I just want to gift this to my boyfriend and know nothing at all (he can pay for the installation and tires) I don’t want to get any wrong parts or anything either. From what I’ve gathered, the suspension kit from rocky-road.com seems good? “Pathfinder Suspension with GR2 Heavy Duty struts” Not sure if there’s more components I’d need though. Thanks! Amanda
  3. Hey this is my first post here! I hope someone out there can help me. I live in Canada and just bought myself a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder, it needs some other maintenance work first. But while I do that I don't want to keep it on the small tires that it has. Which are 265/70R15's, I was thinking of doing a 2" lift kit, not sure how big of tires and wheels but enough to go do some off roading. Looking to get beefy like steel wheels, nothing expensive or fancy. Then replace the bumpers with something like iron cross style that cover the headlights, and do a roof rack plus "f-u lights". I don't have many ideas of where to start, or places to buy from, so I was hoping someone out here would lend me a hand in figuring specs out or if anyone has tried somethings and has advice. That'd be great too.
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