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Found 2 results

  1. Hey y'all, recently purchased an '87 WD21 w/ 130k miles. Was originally looking for a 4 door, but I fell in love with the 2 door when I saw it in person. The current suspension is old and saggy so I'm looking to upgrade. I'd like to run 31" General Grabbers (currently has the stock 30"). My goal is to give my pathy a slight lift (~0.5-1") to properly fit the 31" tires. Looking for a slightly firmer ride than stock, although I don't have a true reference because this suspension is shot and bouncy. I plan to keep the truck light - no front bumpers, no tire carrier, and I'm eventually going to remove the roof rack. Debating between: Option A: Bilstein 4600 setup (~$350) + Generic brand springs ($~120) = ~$480 My question if I go this route is, which springs would you recommend I pair with these shocks? The only springs I can seem to find are the Mevotechs & other similar inexpensive options. I found the OME springs, but if I get those, I feel like I might as well go with the full OME setup. Option B: Old Man Emu Nitrocharger (~$550) + OME2608 (Front) & OME2920 (Rear) ($~400) = ~$1,000 My question here is, are the OME2608 suitable for my truck? Vividracing lists them as compatible with pathfinders all the way up to 2014, whereas the rear OME2920 are 86-95 specific. Curious if anyone has experience with these setups. I'm set on either Bilstein since I trust their monotube design, or OME since I hear they're the cream of the crop. Would be nice to save by getting the Bilstein setup, but I wouldn't mind spending extra to get it right the first time. Any insight would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Moykas
  2. Haven't posted anything information wise or pictures of my pathfinder" Abeona" as she has become known to us haha but now that's it closer to being "done" I feel as though I should start taking progress pictures and documenting so here we go I bought a 2001 le pathfinder that seemed to be rust free, to start building into a light offroad vehicle for back road camping and adventures so far I have installed ome heavy duty Rear springs, medium duty front springs, with ome shocks, after that was done I progressed to remove the flares and discovered the common rusting out issues, so I completely cut out and re welded in patch panels and then decided to paint Raptor liner along and the bottom of the rockers and behind all bumper as well coat the bumpers as well, bought new rain guards as the factory ones were all cracked and broken, installed front led lights for better offroad wide visibility, and have installed led rear back up lights,. Installed a surco roof basket and Yakima cross rails to carry more weight, as well as made and installed a " missing link" to help with body roll, removed the side steps and flares, and have unfortunately had the ECM fry due to iacv failure so I have fixed all that and tore down the top end and replaced everything I could, knock sensor vacum lines, manifold gaskets, serviced and new o ring gaskets on injectors, plugs and coilpacks, new iacv new throttle body gasket,new fuel pump/ filter the works as I want her to be reliable down backroads, have installed 15" wheels with 265 75 r15 tires, tried to install a strut spacer lift but found the CV axle angle was to great and created binding issues so removed and had to trim bumpers and heat gun some fender lining to prevent rubbing. So after all the work so far she has been great and we have and will continue to take her out and explore/ mod post pictures as we go
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