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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys, I have 2 related questions please: #1) can I just replace the bushings and ball joints from the upper/lower rear control arms, instead of the full control arm? #2) Do they match any of the parts for the front control arms or any other parts from any other truck. My reasons are because I might need to do a full rear suspension refresh, but I'm not in the USA, and some parts in my country are either not available or too expensive, so it's cheaper for me to import small parts like bushings instead of a pair of big control arms. I also have cheap access to a press so it'd be super cheap to press them myself. 2011 4wd Pathfinder. Hopefully I made myself clear, TIA.
  2. Hello everybody, My R51 (2006, V6 Petrol) is running a little rough ultimately, like if 1 or 2 cylinders are failing. A little backstory: A while ago this issue started, and happened only after some time with the car running, when it reaches the working temperature. My first thought was to blame the spark plugs, so I changed them. In fact, a trusty mechanic did it. It did not worked. The mechanic suspected of the fuel injection system, because it was not throwing any codes, so we discarded the coils. So, he took all injectors off, 3 were declared dead and replaced and the remaining ones were cleaned and all of them equalized. It did not worked. In fact the problem only got worse. Then we discovered that the cats were clogged. Not so unsual for a 15 year old car running on brazilian E25. Fixed that. Also changed the fuel pump and some hoses and fuel tank was cleaned. Still, it is not working totally fine. Sometimes in idle, like when stopped at traffic light, I feel it suddenly working fine, as if the issue has disapeared, to come back 1 or 2 minutes later. Sometimes it works fine. I ran out of ideas, actually. Anyone has exeprienced something like that? Any help is appreciated. Best regards
  3. Hi everyone, first post. I tried searching through related threads and could not find my exact similar issue that’s going on. I’m hoping that someone can relate or provide their input as to what may be going on with the trans. Getting to the point: *2006 pathfinder SE - VQ40, RWD, 5 speed AT. * original owner - 165k miles *just had engine rebuilt about 15k ago *I previously had no transmission issues or signs of malfunction *I was driving on the interstate on the way to work and had to speed up to get in the right lane towards my exit so I gave it a little gas. *Get in the right lane and the pathfinder is just revving and not moving as if it’s in neutral. *Pull over on the shoulder and shut it off. No smoking. Sit there for a few minutes and let it cool down. *Restart the car and it goes in drive and let’s me get to work. I didn’t trust it to get back on the highway so right now it’s just sitting in the gated parking lot safe. Any idea what the heck caused this one?! Thanks for any input guys. And btw, I haven’t had a chance to hook it up to scan TCU for codes or anything yet. Just figured this has had to have happened to someone else with how many of them are on the road.
  4. Selling my '08 Nissan Pathfinder SE with a 5.6L V8 engine. Premium package with a ton of options. Has remote starter installed and functioning. 4 Wheel drive with AUTO 4WD mode. 5 Speed automatic transmission. Third-row, seats 7. Power sunroof. Power windows all the way around with Auto up/down front windows. Center stack LCD, XM radio, BOSE premium sound system with 8 speakers and a BOSE subwoofer. Hard third-row seat backs and rear cargo area, perfect for hauling and cleaning easily. Auto dual-zone front climate control, with rear heat and a/c. This truck has been well taken care of and maintained meticulously. Also has the rare 'Russet' (reddish brown) leather interior. Lots of preventative maintenance done and has a lot of years of service left. This has been my favorite vehicle so far and we are sad to part with it. I also installed the Nissan 7pin wiring harness for 7pin trailer plug, converted from standard 4pin trailer wiring plug.
  5. Voting open from Apr 21 - 28 *No guarantee's on an official image with boarder this month if a portrait orientated submission wins. Out format does not really suppor them. It can help (if one of them wins) if there is a larger image that the winner can send directly to me for use. If this proves to be a problem, then we may need to consider allowing only Landscape images in the future. Tip: Turn your phone sideways! 1: Kyle94 2: 5523Pathfinder 3: aj503 4: bushnut
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