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  1. Thanks for all of that info. Doesn’t appear to have the strawberry milkshake deal in the coolant. And yes it’s been a trooper honestly. Original trans - never been rebuilt. That’s been my fear is that the trans went out, which will basically be the value of the vehicle to fix lol. Think it’s worth checking fluid and adding the stop slip? Wonder what the best route to go regarding if I need a new trans. I’m assuming they’re a few grand to rebuild
  2. Hi everyone, first post. I tried searching through related threads and could not find my exact similar issue that’s going on. I’m hoping that someone can relate or provide their input as to what may be going on with the trans. Getting to the point: *2006 pathfinder SE - VQ40, RWD, 5 speed AT. * original owner - 165k miles *just had engine rebuilt about 15k ago *I previously had no transmission issues or signs of malfunction *I was driving on the interstate on the way to work and had to speed up to get in the right lane towards my exit so I gave it a little gas. *Get in the right lane and the pathfinder is just revving and not moving as if it’s in neutral. *Pull over on the shoulder and shut it off. No smoking. Sit there for a few minutes and let it cool down. *Restart the car and it goes in drive and let’s me get to work. I didn’t trust it to get back on the highway so right now it’s just sitting in the gated parking lot safe. Any idea what the heck caused this one?! Thanks for any input guys. And btw, I haven’t had a chance to hook it up to scan TCU for codes or anything yet. Just figured this has had to have happened to someone else with how many of them are on the road.
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