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  1. So guys i ended using my 1" SF spacer and seem to be fine but will see...
  2. FINALLY!!! put the truck back together, also changed the steering rack bushing since it was off, also had front and back sway bar links/bushing on hand for awhile. Did those too. NRC9447 Thought about getting longer Bilsteins, but for now will use the pair i bought a year ago from a fellow Npora local member on here. 5100 (185509) Will coat the wheel wells later on Orangy Spacer didn't come in on time, didn't bother using one but added the 1" SF Creations spacer Front 2928 OME HD Coils on KYB Struts All OEM Nissan Hardware Even with the 1" spacer in the front, still a bit of a rake but will wait for it to settle and then also do the alignment BEFORE AFTER :););) Me and a fellow techs 4Runner
  3. ... Dont worry i will LOL, i think my Build Page has more than enough pictures :) ha
  4. Fronze any modifications with the eyelet mounts on this part number or was it direct fit, thanks
  5. u beat me too it lol If u ever need parts number i also use infintipartsdeal.com it basically breaks down all components and part numbers
  6. Ya totally hear ya...Ive known this buddy for like 20 years never have in my years and tons of cars I've owned have i used his option to use his shop til now. Well especially not this extensive. Ya it makes a huuuuuuuuuuge difference not having heavily rusted parts. Hey man at least u have all that, space and tools. I'm a home mechanic with cheaper brand tools, the other benefit is being here i'm surrounded with snap on tools if i need it and advice/help if needed. Good luck on the suspension overhaul guess PB blaster wont work, heat it is ha
  7. Update, so for the past week and half. the truck been slowly worked on, sitting on the hoist. Removing parts when i can come in, been getting help from the shop, Nissan Seals/Gaskets been a waiting game as we go along and see things that are needed Week ago, i installed these new belts lol off they come again to remove upper oil pan Under Carriage was pretty clean in turn made the removal of parts much easier Rear Main Seal This crush washer above the RMS was probably the longest wait Cleaning the upper oil pan and lower Box of hardware for the lift top to bottom. All Nissan parts except rear bump stop TO BE CONTINUE......
  8. So Update, the truck is on the hoist. Transmission removed, will do seals soon (Pics to come)... and YES FINALLY i paid for the front and rear suspension hardware. Every piece from top to bottom from Nissan, but the only part that i didn't buy yet are the bump stops. Are u kidding me almost $250 after tax CDN for both sides and that's with my dealership discount lol none to less lift finally coming soon, now have to decide on what length spacers to use up front hmm Storing at shop
  9. by the way if you plan on getting the rear bump stop at Nissan its $$$ for both sides Ekkkk
  10. Yes i got 9447 but Im not even sure since i've been told otherwise that a 1" spacer upfront may be too much. I'm trying to level it as much as possible time will tell may get the 0.5" spacer instead
  11. Btw Around 4.5-5L on my 03 Qx4 with jus a drain and refill
  12. Think the 2608 is for a r51...Check for OME at 4Wheelparts.ca in Langley. That's where i got my front HD Coils (2928). And if u wanna save money source out everything at different place such as even amazon for one and Rock Auto.com for another for the KYB Struts As for the rear springs lot of us get the Land Rover Defender 90 for the lift. Cheaper options

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