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  1. Gave old Blue a wash and finally got those rims on. 2003 Frontier 15x7's. Just need to get some center caps.
  2. Yes I will put it together this weekend when I take it off to put the new bumper on and I will list all the parts and links to them on eBay if that is allowed. I need to take some pics as well.
  3. The light quality is much better. Double the lumens of our standard headlights. Standard is like 900 for low beam and 1500-2000 for high beam. These led lights are 1500 low beam and 3200 high beam. I got the grill on eBay. Came with the grill and corner lights for $80 including shipping. Had to buy hardbody headlight buckets as well. All of it literally bolts in. Waiting on the bumper brackets to put on chrome bumper as well
  4. Replaced the tired arm rest on the door with some I found on eBay. Pretty nice product
  5. Waiting for all the wiring for my front end swap. Write up and pics to follow.
  6. Looks great. Do you have a how to? Or atleast a list of bulbs you used? Thank you good sir.
  7. The ones in the back next to the rear seats right behind the speaker grilles. Thank you
  8. Put two new tires on the rear. Waiting on front ones because 235/75R15 is not a sought after tire to keep in stock. How does that cubby come out? I don't want to break it.
  9. Looks good man. You should look into Eagle One surface prep mitt. It is just like a clay bar but better. Bigger surface and cut your clay time a lot. I use it on my car and bike. Love that thing.
  10. Hello everyone, I just joined this forum yesterday. I am in Jville, FL and will be picking up my 1988 2 door, 5 speed manual , 4x4 with supposed 147k this weekend. Avid Nissan owner, currently drive a 95 240SX, wife has a newer Xterra and between the rest of my family we own 8 Nissans total. Looking forward to all the good info and help on here. Thank you for letting me become a member. Now on to forum searching!!!! Will post pics as soon as I get her.
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