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  1. Somewhere on the forum and YouTube one of the members has a video showing how all the little rods and clips in the door work. It should be quite helpful when you are ready to dig into it.
  2. Replaced the door handle so I can open it from the outside
  3. And remember you will need longer shocks, at least in the back.
  4. I did not use them, but Superlift upper control arms are supposed to make your ball joint angles better. I chose to buy new Moog grand cherokee coil springs rather than find old ones at a junkyard. Cut off the part of the coil that narrows in diameter. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/18-rear-spring-options-for-lifting-your-wd21-pathy/?do=findComment&comment=56 There is a bunch of info already posted in the forum, which I used when I lifted my 94. Browse around a bit and search and you too can find it. You can search the site with google which is way better than the forum search engine.
  5. Looks just like mine, but I have no turbo and more body damage. The red ones look so good! Sweet find.
  6. I've also eyed but never bought the AT2. Maybe check out the off-road Subaru site. I've done some browsing on there and the AT2 is one of the few all-terrain tires made small enough for Subarus, so they are well represented on there. If you are considering the Cooper AT3, keep the Mastercraft AXT in mind. Very similar, but more angular tread, and made by Cooper. I bought them for my Passport when I had it and really liked them.
  7. I finally had a day off in a warmer day and got my driver side exterior door handle replaced. Midway through I got stuck on connecting the little rod to the handle and had to do some internet research. Since what helped me was on other sites, I thought I would share it here. To connect the clip on the handle to the L-shaped rod you have to leave the rod's base still inserted in the lower piece and push the top of it through the hole to the outside of the door (Thanks to http://www.answers.com/mobile/Q/How_do_you_replace_the_outside_door_handle_of_a_1995_Pathfinder#ixzz1M0hz1lff).It is so easy! I thought I had tried every way to do it, but didn't think of this. Also, this thread (http://www.nissanforums.com/hb-truck/203978-exterior-door-handle-replacement.html#/topics/203978?page=2&_k=frp6wl) has some great pictures of the pieces and what to expect inside your door. By the way, my door handle (Delo brand, I think) was about $5 on Amazon. We shall see how it holds up. I think I feel a little more flex in it than in the OEM one.
  8. Those pics make me miss the PNW. Great looking rig.
  9. That does look great! I've had good luck using photobucket as an image server.
  10. Glad you got it fixed! Also, be cautious when using the forum via Tapatalk--it often posts the same thing a bunch of times (you have 3 of this thread). I learned it the hard way, too.
  11. I did use Seafoam in the engine oil in my Passport (previous vehicle), but didn't notice much difference. I'm kinda scared to do it in my Pathfinder because of the nagging idea that the gunk is all that is holding the oil in!
  12. I used POR15 on the frame of my Honda Passport and it seemed to work well (except that I couldn't coat the inside of the frame). I think it took a pint can of it for the frame.
  13. Seems like you have done your research and are on the right track for your projects. I did a bunch of that last summer. I would definitely add that you should check your bushings, particularly the tension rod (compression rod) bushings. They tend to wear out and then the frame digs into the rods themselves. Mine were about half the diameter they should have been. There are a few threads on this issue and how to fix it. Overall all the rubber parts will be getting old, so take a look at them.

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