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  1. Most of the reviews I saw on the net are not good also.
  2. Both are good mats. It will just depend on your budget and brand preference.
  3. It depends whether you want to improve the exterior or performance of your rig. Budget is also a big factor. Getting a brush guard is not a bad idea though I think upgrading the suspension is also important.
  4. You can fit 265/75/16 but there might be some rubbing on tight turns. By the way, are you looking for mud tires or all-terrain tires? Try to see this thread also to know the lift/tire setup of other members here-- http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/19867-max-tire-size-vs-lift-kit-used-vs-custom-or-oe-wheels/
  5. Check out this-- http://www.ebay.com/itm/NISSAN-PATHFINDER-R51-2-5LT-TD-2-5-LUKEY-EXHAUST-/171943389820. Shipping will take longer since it is from AU.
  6. Bilsteins are good shocks and will last for several years, Worth the extra cost.
  7. Keep us posted. I'm curious about the design of their bumpers.
  8. You can use a Curt roof cargo rack. You can also put an Xterra rack on your Path but you need to do some modifications.
  9. Try some local junkyards if you are looking for a quarter panel. Rockauto also has a wide assortment of oem parts.
  10. If the frame is rust-free, por15 is not the best product to use since it is meant to be painted on rusted surface. I would suggest a good epoxy primer.
  11. If you are looking for affordable way to lift your Path, spacer lifts from 4x4design are a good choice. Rocky Road also has OME suspension lift system that can give 1.75" of lift.
  12. Rancho and Bilstein get my vote. More expensive than the KYB's but they are known to last for several years and provide good ride quality.
  13. AVS and Weathertech are just some popular brands. Just decided whether want in-channel or tape-one ones. Both have pros and cons.
  14. The General Grabbers AT2 is a good all around tire. The only thing I don't like much is the hum at highway speeds.
  15. I have the Husky mats and they look good, and fit is ok. The rubber material is thick and durable. These heavy-duty mats can be easily trim for a good fit.
  16. Google is your friend to find the parts/accessories you need. I saw this one-- courtesyparts.com/nissan/pathfinder/849821w310/1996-year/se-trim/3-3l-v6-gas-engine/body-cat/interior-trim-rear-body-scat
  17. Have you tried rockauto or ebay? You can also get a primed bumper so you can paint it to match the body of your rig.
  18. Just ordered the Aries once-piece grille guard at http://4wheelonline.com. I chose the Aries because the sales rep offered me a good deal. Does anyone have one? Any installation tips you can share? Will post pictures once it is installed.
  19. For a firm ride, no doubt about the performance of Bilsteins and they are better than the Rancho based on my experience.
  20. I had the Grabbers and they did great in the gravel and mud, though never tried them in the snow. Overall, they are a good AT tires for the money.
  21. Welcome aboard, Rob! Feel free to post technical questions if you have any. Lots of guys here are willing to help.
  22. I'm aware that rock sliders are more durable than nerf bars. I don't do extreme off-roading and just need side steps so my kid can enter/exit easily on our Path.
  23. I know some guys here have rock sliders/steps but I’m thinking of installing nerf bars. Does anyone have one? I'm planning to buy from this local shop— http://4wheelonline.com/Nerf_Bars.19775 but can't decide between the Aries and Go Rhino. The price is almost the same, so my big concern is the quality and longevity of these nerf bars. Any opinions? Thanks guys.
  24. Adding a good air intake and exhaust like catback are just some simple mods that can help boost the hp of your Path.
  25. I'm sure it would be fun to use those beefy tires in the mud but not on pavement.

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