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  1. Received a new left hand rear tail light now just need some time off work to pull out the smashed one. How it happened - reversed into a shopping cart at the shops. Went to junkyard, guy behind the counter wanted $100 for a 2nd hand scratched up one. I did some hunting online and found www.autopartsmate.com.au they have aftermarket parts. Not original tail light but looks exactly the same thing.

  2. I've used the metal retainer like two times since 2005. Since I discovered how to properly lubricate the hinges, I think I might be using the metal retainer more often. My tyre carrier is freed right up. ATF seems to not only lubricate but it works as a cleaning agent too it seems

  3. Hi guys, yes WA is fantastic for trips up the northwest coast. I have been to Geraldton but if you go another 100 miles up past there you find Kalbarri which is a great holiday destination and even further up you'll find Monkey Mia which is renowned for the dolphins that come right up to the beach and feed. People used to feed them fish right from their hands but since the late 90's it's been monitored and only the park officials feed them, to prevent the dolphins eating something nasty.

  4. I did that to my rear tyre carrier last week. I put some ATF in an old medicine bottle it is one of those ones with a squeeze bulb on it with a plastic tube dropper. Squeezed some ATF into the holes to give it's medicine lol. Been opening it with just 2 fingers now.

  5. G'day everyone, been lurking for a few months so I finally decided to join NPORA. The Pathfinder bug all started for me in 2005 my stepfather had a dark blue 4 Dr 1991 Terrano with only 114,000 km (71,250 miles) on it, garaged at his beach house. It was in immaculate condition and he said he didn't need it anymore as he hardly drove it so he gave it to me! I was a bit uncomfortable with it starting off as I had never driven a 4wd before but driving the 100 miles back to the city in it was the beginning of the 'journey' for me with this Terrano. Since 2005 till now, it's got an extra 100k miles on it plus I've installed a center console car fridge and led lights in the dash, cleaned out the air con box too which I found how to do with the help on this forum. Il post pics if I can but I'm using mobile.

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