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  1. Yes indeed, it's too bad. Even in the day, when i'm feeling flashy, I have people indicate they are blinding them. So it's only for emergencies or if someone refuses to dip their high beams and you need to make them aware of what high beam really means. I drive with the mini ones all the time though, but I point them more down to the road instead of straight ahead. I also angle them slight away from oncoming traffic. I think that woks as I don't get flashed very often for those.

    I like using the led bar when someone cuts in front of me dangerously. When they get blinded they learn a lesson in safety.
  2. I just retrofitted the factory lenses with HID bulbs and they work great.


    I'm also a big believer in light bars. Once you see with the illumination of the light bar your headlights, whether LED, HID or other will never match up.





    It's just a shame we can't use them on the road. Even if we angle it down, away from the oncoming vehicles, the road authorities still say it's illegal and only for offroad use.
  3. It really updates the look of the gauges to being more 21st century doesn't it. I remember my guages being this dull green and at night it was even difficult to see how fast I was going or what fuel I had left. Now night driving is a pleasure. Ebay is a great source for all different types of leds. The T10 and T5 are the ones you want and the more leds on each bulb the better. 360 degree ones are best. I needed 6 T10 for the dash and then about 17 T5 for all the little warning lamps. One T10 fits in behind the climate display on my 91.

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  4. Noticed at night my dash clock has been flickering. It sometimes clears itself up and behaves but there's that niggle that I know it does it. Speedo is also out by 4 km/h. Like when I'm doing 60 it's actually 64 km/h. I don't want any speeding tickets so I'll wind it back a bit and fix the clock light bulb at the same time.

  5. With my light bar I only use it on the road if I'm on a really dark back road where there's no street lights. I find it much brighter than even the high beam so I don't have it wired with the high beam. I use the light bar instead of the high beam. It's illegal in Australia to use them on sealed roads, they are for off road use only but at 3am on a really dark road it's almost a necessity. I had someone come towards me with a light bar once, they can blind you. All you see for the next 2 minutes is a row of bright dots.

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  6. Do you read/understand Japanese?? I'll try to remember scanning one page this week end.


    Starting these days i get a lot of ticking from the lifters until the pressure is up, I replaced one of them with my last spare some weeks ago and noticed two of them on the right bank are damaged on top. I think it is time to change them all. Some in there are probably 28 years old. Impressive amount of work.

    I know someone who can read Japanese so yes if you can scan some pages yes please and I'll post the translation of the pages.

  7. Sweet, so new zealand is the land of the d21 then. There's at least three others parked within 200m of my house

    Yeah I see Terranos are still common in NZ, my mate who lives there was doing a live feed and I saw two parked on the side of the road in the space of 5 seconds.
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  8. I 2nd the strut rod bushings. Remove the oem nut they used and screw in a 6mm thread zerk fitting then pump them with grease. There's about 4 screws in there you can replace with zerk fittings. Mine used to squeak when going around corners and over speed bumps, since greasing them it's totally quiet now.

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