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    Goldy: 2002 LE w/330K. Tan leather interior. Bought for $900, w/$900 & many hrs more sunk into it for repairs and overall "de-icking". EVERYTHING important works now and it smells real nice-lol. RIP Marvin.
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Super Natural British Columbia
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    Fishing, diecast car/truck collecting/restoring, fixing "things", herb, etc...ima little adhd, "SQUIRREL"

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  1. 1st real day of Spring, and I spent most of my afternoon and evening, inside, doing OHS&W COMMON SENSE tests

    1. Bunchie


      A good day, Sunday was. Hit the local swap by 7:30, back home by 10:30. Oil change, sway bar end linx. 12:30; Hotdogs for charge up. Back brakes rest of day...find broken spring, drvrs side...lose horse shoe retaining clip, sigh and had to make one out of a washer. I overcame!! NO more rattley front end and a 2 click, E brake, WOO WOO. It's a start and keeps me motivated to do more

    2. Bunchie


      Bought a '02 yesterday....paid $1K. It needs a new rear end(pass axle/wheel assy hanging out a foot). And a few othrr things too but the body is great, motor seems strong. It's got a touchscreen Alpine stereo. Perfect for my needs for a temporary vehicle while Marvin gets all the upgrades he deserves. Will be doing a build thread for Marvin. Wish me success.

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