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    I own a 93 Pathy XE with power windows and locks. No roof rack. It is sitting on factory lego wheels repainted a graphite color with 31x10.50 general grabber at2...cranked up torsion bars up front, and air ride bags in the back. I try to keep it clean and simple, I am hoping to get everything tuned up on it one thing at a time.
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    Redding CA
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Redding CA
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    United States
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    Right now...not sure, Going through some major changes in my life, but I have 2 beautiful daughters that I love.. I love to golf, and hang out with my friends.

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  1. thinking of a 3.3 swap. Hmmmm

  2. thinking of a 3.3 swap. h

  3. Dumb Question...You guys running aftermarket amps, did you do a bypass of the amp, like the write ups Ive read on here...or did you run completely new wiring to the speakers. I have a 93 and my front factory amp is about to die, which is fine because I want to upgrade to a nice setup, but was wondering what the best way to get around the factory amps.
  4. Thanks guys for the advice...Much appreciation.
  5. not gonna pretend, that might as well have been spanish to me...haha sorry.
  6. MotoGp!!! Laguna bound in 4 days.

  7. So I have 2 el cheapo Home Depot shop lights and the light from the garage door opener...I keep burning the ballast out of one of the shop lights, but they are cheap so I just buy a new fixture..They are t12 40w 4'...Anywho I am not very happy with buying a new fixture every 4 months or so, I would like to upgrade, plus Im not happy with the light it puts out, they are cool white bulbs...What do you guys have in your garage, and what would you recommend. Thanks.
  8. 4 more days till MotoGP!!!

  9. Good God!! I wished my speakers went up to 11. That was sweet!!
  10. I thought that was pretty sweet, but I love/hate golf. Its an evil mistress.
  11. Finally, a mustang I would not mind owning.
  12. Looks great, have you done any wheeling where articulation was a factor, just kind of curious if you get a lot of rubbing when you start hitting some ruts.

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