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  1. LoL, half the front is black now.... slowly but surely it is getting changed.... But anyways, back on topic, banned for baggin on my gay blue car, when you drive a gay blue truck.
  2. Banned, even I dont have blue valve stem covers.... ricer
  3. Banned for having blue lugs on a truck... what are ya, some sort of ricer?
  4. Banned for assuming a 4x4 is going to do you any better on this ice than my maxima will.
  5. Banned because you dont know a classic childrens movie..... Charrlotes Web dude?
  6. And to think dad bought a 325i yesterday for a DD, and is thinking of selling his 3.5 S/C 98 Maxima, so that he can buy mom another 3 series for a daily, and mod his 325...
  7. banned for it taking this long before you took that fox sticker off your rig.
  8. banned for assuming sal has good credit. I have horrible credit and got a loan on the maxima...
  9. Gah!!! Wish i had a job.... but then again, even if I did have a job right now, I would be paying off a pathfinder...
  10. banned for..... aw hell, because I started this abomination of a thread, and can.
  11. So here's one from my 21st birthday party.... I needed to take a leak, but my fiance(at the time) and her best friend were in the rr. So i decided I would go out on the front deck and take care of business. Well, the apartment we were in was one of those not so great apartments above a store, three unit deal. Well anyways, I'm doing my thing through the front railing, over the parking lot. Turns out, this railing was very weak, and I am very drunk(read: leaning). The railing decided it doesnt want to hold up any more, and I stumble out on to the metal roof of the stores storage room. Now, mind you, it is raining, so this metal roof is rather slick. I stumble around this roof for a couple of seconds before going of the edge of the roof. Luckily it slopes down, so I only fell about 5 feet.... Onto the hood of my maxima (one of the third gens, the silver one)... on my back... I didnt get a picture of the dent, because I had the hood changed the next morning... but it did put a damper on my 21st birthday party, from what I hear after that, I crawled back up the stairs to the apartment, rolled up in the living room carpet like a burrito, and passed out...
  12. doughboy


    Don't have any currently, but I am scheduled to go in next Thursday to start the portrait of my dog, maybe finish in one shot. He's going on the back of my right calf. And the other two currently planned/drawn up are a Celtic cross with roses climbing up it, and a shamrock with my mothers madien name under it on my right upper arm. I will be fifth generation with the shamrock/maiden name tattoo.
  13. UKF Dubstep Mix - August 10 The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix)
  14. Banned for assuming anyone on this forum should have a life....
  15. banned for banning the next, not the last
  16. banned for zombie hunting with such a small gun.... what are you, too girlish to hold a real gun?
  17. banned for living in MN.... I want my snow back dammit
  18. Ban JJ. Didnt that truck used to be blue? i liked that better....
  19. banned for biting pinky(he dont like that)
  20. banned for complaining about text messages.... should never trust a highschool kid with your number...
  21. Its a North American thing... we dont ship to islands that call themselves "continents" BTW, those tacomas are pretty BA trucks...
  22. banned for forgeting i dont have a path.(unless i can borrow your 94 lol)
  23. Banned for not making it to the MrJim run (but in all reality, congrats)
  24. Banned for being a NPORA "veteran" in just 8 days! WHORE!!! BTW, that sig better for ya?
  25. banned for having that damn bug in your sig... and btw, they were TYC elegantes.... not altezzas....

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