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  1. Well, its been fun all. Baby # 3 on the way, had to sell my pathy's, got me a new diesel quad cab p/u. Thanx for all the great info and people I met while being here. Cheers.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nefarious


      did you sell your waggy d44 with the trucks ?? :P i just bought a 240v lincoln mig so I am almost sas ready! :)

    3. tmoore4512


      Sorry to see you go bro!!

    4. nunya


      Happy trails buckaroo! and as said always welcome back and feel free to still hang out and b.s./share knolidge!

  2. thought i was one of the chosen few with no auto hub troubles.......I was wrong

    1. nismothunder


      I never had a problem with mine. But I down graded.

  3. Kicked it..........f**kin' auto hub started grinding away doing 60 km/h after needing 4wd to pull my boat out up the ramp, tide was out and was below the seaweed belt. If it's not one thing its another with this money pit...........same story with my wife, BUT I still love both of 'em.
  4. Fuel pump was toast, yet again, cost a left testicle for the stock replacement, so I put a generic adjustable high pressure pump in for $48 bucks, Mcgyver'd the sending unit and voila!! runs like a turbo slug

  5. Run a 10 ton harbour tug. 'Tony' is short for Anthony.
  6. BFG's. Original M/T's or KM2's? anyone suggest which is the better investment?

    1. 5523Pathfinder


      I had the original M/T's, but I believe they are discontinued. I have the new KM2's and they kick just as much butt, if not more. Im very happy with them.

  7. I replaced the temp sensor but good point!!
  8. No it originally comes from a dealership in Duncan, a small town 30 min south of where I live and trust me.............it is no California hahahha
  9. yeah, I'm thinking maybe it's a '95 thing only. The ECU for my truck seems to be a bastardized to '95 only (found this out when i wanted to replace it)
  10. mine came on as soon as i unplugged it and came on with 'egr function' and no other codes no matter how many times i reset it.
  11. "Dumb"? Thnak you for the input Mr. Zan, pulling the light may be dumb to some, but, if something is wrong i wouldnt know as I cant use the light as reference since it was on constantly anyways. As arrogant as this may sound, a lot of people in here as well as I dont need the truck to tell them something is wrong via dummy light to assume something is up. I will check for codes if something doesnt feel right. To each his own though right?
  12. It didnt surprisingly enough! It was just giving the code that there was an EGR malfunction, I'm assuming with this, its not enough to throw it into 'limp mode'. It was getting the reading off of the the egr solonoid valve which has been yanked as well. The EGR is more or less for exhaust emissions and we don't have them on Vancouver Island. I'd still have it on of I hadn't cracked the egr casing itself trying to undo the exhaust tube. (damn manifold stud replacement). The only other thing I noticed since doing this is that the exhaust smells a bit 'richer'. Overall, I wouldnt recommend taking it out if there's no need to but if it is and you live somewhere there's no emissions laws, it doesnt hurt anything. Maybe just a bit of a drop in power but hey, on the pavement, these things are about as 'performance' like as a deep freeze on tires.
  13. Took mine out, not much of a differnece. I took everything out, capped all the ported vacuum lines and exhaust tube to the manifold. The check engine light comes on with an EGR code and wont go out. I just pulled the bulb out while i had it out to fix the tach.
  14. the 'Green Bastard' as given by my friends. (they all drive Yota's)

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