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  1. http://imgur.com/a/MwZvO7E Is this the correct way to do it from imgur?
  2. I'm an old fart according to this. Oh well.
  3. Oil questions are interesting. Everyone has their brand they prefer. The most important thing, change it regularly. Doesn't matter if it's dino or synthetic. Personally I have started using 10/30. Summers get hot here, winters aren't that bad. Rarely freezes here.
  4. California has a law that they need to be under 30 inches and more that 12 inches. They sit around 26 inches I believe. So I'm hoping I don't have any issues with the police. Anyway, you can somewhat aim them using washers, in case I need to aim them down more. You have to get about 12 inches off the ground before you are looking directly into the lights. This is about 25 feet away. So I think I should be ok? One other thing that frustrated me about wiring them up. For some reason the black is hot and the green is the ground. It took me a few to figure that out.
  5. The last I heard, tapatalk on this forum isn't your friend. Maybe that has changed?
  6. Add another ground to the maf. Make sure you get the right wire. If not, melt down. The reason I say to add another ground to the maf, I have read that the ground will occasionally drop causing issues. I did take it in to the dealer looking for a part and a tech was there also. He verified about the extra ground. It won't hurt, it just might help.
  7. What are the chances it's the sensor in the distributor? I had a miss at around 2500 rpm's. I tried a lot of things. I replaced the distributor, fixed. If you know someone who has a good one to try it first. It's easy enough to swap out. Just mark your distributor prior to removing it.
  8. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DaPfMiSZBWQDKFvN8 Let's see if this works.
  9. Thus isn't necessarily hard core. More like soft core. Anyway I have a 95 pathfinder and I really dislike the fog lights. We do get fog here but they really don't do anything. I had purchased these a couple years back for a custom bumper build wanted to do. So far that hasnt happened, so i figured I would put them in the factory position. I probably could have moved them a bit more outward, but not much. I had some expanded metal left over so that's what I used to cover up the open areas. I would say it's a 5 foot bumper. From 5 feet away it looks good. I didn't take the time to make everything smooth and fancy. I wanted them useable. We all know the factory headlights leave a lot to be desired in terms of light output. These were $50 each if I remember correctly. They are spots, not fogs. I needed more light output. You can't even tell the headlights are on with them on sitting in the rig. I can't get a pic small enough to upload. I closed photobucket because of the pricing. I don't have any other way to upload the pic unless I can turn the resolution down on my phone and take another pic? Any ideas?
  10. I don't blame you. Buy quality when you only want to do the job one time.
  11. What have you done to your rig? Lift, bigger tires, wider tires? I have a 95 4x4 5 speed, 2" suspension lift, 2" body lift, stock 31" tires. I get about 17mpg. I don't drive it like I stole it. I shift at around 4000k rpm's. When do you shift? Do you lug it? I mean shift at low rpm's? Max torque is around 3800k rpm's.
  12. Like Adam said, leave it in place. You won't be able to go any faster with it removed.
  13. That's the reason I don't skimp on certain things.
  14. I'm getting about 17 mpg.
  15. Using the improper thermostat for any vehicle isn't good for fuel mileage. Putting a lower stat in only opens up the stat sooner. You vehicle will eventually get up to normal operating temp. So putting in a different stat doesn't help anything. The lower hose should be cooler than the upper hose. The upper hose has the hot coolant from the engine. The lower hose is after the rad cools it before going back into the engine.
  16. Without looking there is no way to know. The difference is the spray pattern. Others may correct me if I'm wrong, but the black and blue can be interchanged. Buy new, have yours cleaned and tested, or wrecking yard
  17. Not to be rude, why did you drop the front diff? I didn't drop mine when I did the clutch. I had no issues with the front diff getting in the way.
  18. When I replaced mine, they were all flat.
  19. I have a 2" body lift, 2" suspension lift. No issue with ball joint angle. I'm running stock 31's with aftermarket wheels. That the only reason I put of the body lift. The wheels poke out more. The body lift gave the clearance so the tires didn't rub when turning.
  20. I ran new wires to the door speakers. I didn't go through the factory loom. I poked a hole in the grommet in the door and ran new wire through there. Same with the grommet on the body. Other vehicles I have used existing wiring and spliced into the new deck wiring. I haven't noticed a sound difference.
  21. Those little guys are expensive, don't know why.
  22. Learning to weld takes a bit of time. You have to learn the puddle. If it's too hot or too cold. I would suggest taking a class at your local college, if you have one close by. You could probably build the bumper in class? I'm not a fan of the pre runner style bumpers. I won't be doing any major off roading. I won't need a bumper that would give me a lot of approach angle. I will be doing something similar to a stock bumper, in terms of style. It will have angles so it will match the square body of the pathfinder better. I have a 95.
  23. No need to use rtv. Make sure you replace the bolt grommets also.

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